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Top 5 Best Video Converter Apps For Android 2023

Android is just taking over the mobile industry, by launching so many kinds of mobile devices. Before some time, the whole mobile market was only dominated by iOS operating system, but Android and iOS has quickly become a great rival. Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei and many more top companies are continuously releasing smartphones equipped with Android OS. Best Launcher for Android 


However we all know that when something has good in it, there will be something bad too. One of the biggest disadvantages of Android operating system is that it is not able to support all video formats. Yeah you can watch movies, clips, downloaded videos on Android devices easily, but not every format is accepted by the system. So unsupported videos should be converted first to make sure that the file is supported by the device.

For this, you will need a video converter for Android. There are hundreds of apps available out there on the internet, but not all of them are worth downloading, so here in this post I am going to tell you about best 5 video converter apps for android.

Top 5 Best Video Converter Apps For Android 2015

Video Converter Android

Video Converter Android - Apps on Google Play

Video Converter Android is among the most downloaded video converter apps for android as it is downloaded more than 5 million times. It is very light weight application which is rated 3.8 out of 5 on the Google Play Store.

This app can scan entire device for video files for conversion and allows you to extract a specific part of a video by specifying the start time and end time. You can also extract mp3 from video or extract aac from video using this app.

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Media Converter

Media Converter APK for Android - Download

Media Converter is another simple yet powerful application to convert and make videos compatible with your android device. It is not only a video converter by you can actually convert a large number of files with it.

You can convert mp3, mp4, ogg, avi, mpeg, flv and wav files with it. You can also use this app to extract audio from video files. It offers you some advanced features too, like you can specify video/audio bit rate, resolution, frame rate, audio sample rate while converting files, so that you get it in the way you want it.

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Video Converter Free

Top 9 Best Video Converter Software Completely Free

This app is not much popular out there among android operating system users as it have only 100,000 – 500,000 downloads, but most of the people don’t know that this app can actually convert video files in a better way than other apps do.

Just like other apps, you can extract audios as MP3, extract clips from movies, and extract video as picture per frame using this app. If your android phone runs of Android 2.3.3 version and up then you can use this app without any worries.

It might not be the best video converter app for android, but yes for novoice users this app would be so easy-to-use because of its simple user interface.

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Video Converter (Android Pixels)

Top 8 Best Video Converter for Android That are Not Filled With Ads (2020) - TechWiser

Video Converter from Android Pixels is a beautifully made video converter app for android devices. It is a heavyweight application of about 18MB, so it have some awesome design too. Videos files which are in .mp4, .3gp, .mkv, .avi, .flv, and .mov extensions can be converted by using this app.

You can also choose a video from gallery to convert it into any other video type too. For internet geeks, there is an option to share converted files on social networking websites like Facebook, Gmail, Instagram etc.

Video Converter

Video Converter Android - Apps on Google Play

This app allows you to convert videos into various other video formats, and saves them into your phone or SD card automatically. It have a very user friendly interface, so a first time don’t face any problem using it.

When you will install this app, once folder will be created automatically in your phone with a name of VideoConverter, so whenever you will convert any file using this app, the converted file will be stored in that folder.

This is a lightweight application, so it will not put pressure on your mobile phone memory and you can do multi-tasking while your videos are converting.

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So if you are about to download any video from the web, don’t worry about the file type as you can always convert it to make compatible with your android phone device.

There are a lot more tools available to do so, but the apps mentioned above are the best video converter apps for android 2015. Do let me know your views on these apps, which app you have liked the most?

If you are using any other video converter apps for android or you know about any app which can convert videos for android, then do let us know via comments below. We would love to add that app in our list too.


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