All One Piece Arcs in Order [Complete Guide]

The One Piece story is a story full of amazing characters, exciting adventures, and a richly detailed world. Oh, and of course, do not forget to mention lots of funny pirate adventures. But if you’re a big fan or even if it’s your first time watching, you might have a few questions boggling your mind, like, “Where should I begin watching?” “Is Punk Hazard a part of the story?”” What about extra episodes?”.

All One Piece Arcs in Order

All you need to do is sit and relax. Yes! We are here to help you with that. We will guide you through each part of the anime, explain why it’s important to the story, and tell you the best order to watch it. We will help you explore the big world of One Piece from East Blue to Whole Cake Island so you don’t miss anything important. Get ready to learn about the One Piece story, with all the titles and episode numbers for the anime series.

What is One Piece?

Featured by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece is one of the famous cartoons and comic series ruling television. The story revolves around Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy, and his crew of pirates who are in search of the One Piece, a legendary treasure that will make him the next Pirate King. Luffy is a young boy with stretchy powers, and he leads a group of pirates.

In this, Luffy, along with his friends, is seen to meet and battle different enemies and even is seen making new allies and friends in the treasure search journey. The series has been ruling the platform since 1997 and has even successfully nailed a large audience from all over the world.

One Piece is a very popular story because it has interesting characters, a detailed world, and a great plot. It has such an exciting storyline that it still attracts new fans even now.

Importance of Watching One Piece Arcs In Order

One Piece has a complicated story with lots of characters, different parts, and smaller side stories. Each part of the story connects with the one before it, and the different storylines are intertwined. If you don’t watch One Piece arcs in the right order, you will miss important parts of the story and the character’s growth, and the story will look absurd and boring.

Watching One Piece episodes in order helps you to get a better idea of the whole story. You will watch the characters change and learn about why they do things. The story will be easy to understand, and you won’t get confused while following it.

Here are the different parts of the story in One Piece, grouped by saga:

1. East Blue Saga

East Blue Saga

This part of the story introduces the most important characters and tells their backgrounds. Since it is also an introductory saga, it also starts the main storyline of the series. In this arc, Monkey D. Luffy being a young boy meets the Red Hair Pirates and he vows to become the next Pirate King. This part goes on for about 61 episodes in total and below are the story arcs of it.

  • Romance Dawn Arc (1-4, 4 Episodes)
  • Orange Town Arc (4-8, 5 Episodes)
  • Syrup Village Arc (9-18, 10 Episodes)
  • Baratie Arc (19-30, 12 Episodes)
  • Arlong Park Arc (31-44, 14 Episodes)
  • Loguetown Arc (45 and 48-53, 7 Episodes)

2. Alabasta Saga

Alabasta Saga

This part of the story is about the crew going to a desert kingdom entitled Alabasta and holding a good fight against a criminal organization named Baroque Works. It is just another reason why it is also called the Baroque Works Saga after helping the princess of the Arabasta Kingdom, Nefertari Vivi.

In this part, the Straw Hat Pirates and Vivi reach Arabasta, Vivi’s home, where a war is about to take place, caused by Baroque Works’ head, Mr. 0. You will be able to enjoy the travel experience of these pirates as they move through different regions like Little Garden and Drum Island as they move towards Vivi’s home.

This part goes on for about 74 episodes in total, and its story arcs are below.

  • Reverse Mountain Arc (62-63, 2 Episodes)
  • Whisky Peak Arc (64-67, 4 Episodes)
  • Little Garden Arc (70-77, 8 Episodes)
  • Drum Island Arc (78-91, 14 Episodes)
  • Arabasta Arc (92-130, 39 Episodes)

3. Sky Island Saga

Sky Island Saga

In this story, the Straw Hat Pirates arrive at a spring island in Paradise (located between East and South Blue and goes from the Twin Cape to Mary Geoise) named Jaya, where they meet Mont Blanc Cricket. Later, Cricket helps the crew to reach a magical place called Skypiea and fight against a powerful god named Enel.

This part goes on for about 71 episodes in total, and its story arcs are below.

  • Jaya Arc (144-152, 9 Episodes)
  • Skypiea Arc (153-195, 43 Episodes)

Not to mention, this part also has 3 Filler Arcs, which you can consider watching if you are very interested in this anime. Here are the filler arcs included in this part.

  • Goat Island Arc (2002)
  • Ruluka Island Arc (2003)
  • G-8 Arc (2004)

4. Water 7 Saga

Water 7 Saga

The Water 7 Saga is about the crew being confronted by the Foxy Pirates in a Davy Back Fight when they return to the Blue Sea. After that, the crew reaches Water 7, where they get into trouble again by making Franky Family and CP9 of the World Government their enemies.

Unfortunately, in this saga, the crew begins to fall apart, too. There are a few more names for this saga, which are Water 7–Enies Lobby Saga, World Government Saga, and CP9 Saga, so don’t get confused among them.

This part goes on for about 119 episodes in total, and its story arcs are below.

  • Long Ring Long Land Arc (207-219, 13 episodes)
  • Water 7 Arc (229-263, 35 episodes)
  • Enies Lobby Arc (264-290, 293-302 and 304-312, 46 episodes)
  • Post-Enies Lobby Arc (313-325, 13 episodes)

5. Thriller Bark Saga

Thriller Bark Saga

The Thriller Bark Saga happens on a scary giant ship named Thriller Bark. The ship was located on the Florian Triangle in the West Blue area. In this saga, the crew meets a ghost pirate named Gecko Moria, who stole their shadows, and now they have a race against time to get their shadows back from Moria before the sun rises.

Not to mention, Gecko Moria is the captain of the Thriller Bark Pirates and a former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea who resides on Thriller Bark, the largest ship in the world. This part goes on for about 45 episodes in total, and its story arcs is mentioned below.

  • Thriller Bark Arc (337-381, 45 episodes)

6. Summit War Saga

Summit War Saga

This part of the story is about the crew taking part in a war between the World Government and the Whitebeard Pirates. As they continue their journey, they reach the Sabaody Archipelago, which is the final island in Paradise and is close to the Red Line. Unfortunately, the crew got separated on this island.

Luffy lands on Amazon Lily, and there he learns what happened to Ace. He first travels to Impel Down and then to Marineford, where a massive war breaks out, starting big changes. After he is rescued and recovered, Luffy agrees he and his crew still aren’t ready for the New World.

This part goes on for about 132 episodes in total, and its story arcs is mentioned below.

  • Sabaody Archipelago Arc (385-405, 21 episodes)
  • Amazon Lily Arc (408-421, 14 episodes)
  • Impel Down Arc (422-425 and 430-452, 27 episodes)
  • Marineford Arc (457-489, 33 episodes)
  • Post-War Arc (490-491 and 493-516, 26 episodes)

7. The Fish-Man Island Saga

The Fish-Man Island Saga

The Fish-Man Island Saga is the first saga of the second half of the entire One Piece anime series. In this saga, the entire crew starts to reunite at the Sabaody Archipelago as they decide to continue their journey towards the New World. However, there’s a catch related to their journey.

In order to enter the New World, they must first go through Fish-Man Island, where the New Fish-Man Pirates and Flying Pirates plan to conquer the island. Now, the crew has to learn and settle a lot of things before they can leave the place and continue their journey.

This part goes on for about 57 episodes in total, and its story arcs is mentioned below.

  • Return to Sabaody Arc (517-522, 6 episodes)
  • Fish-Man Island Arc (523-541 and 543-574, 51 episodes)

8. Dressrosa Saga

Dressrosa Saga

This story is about the crew’s adventure in the country of Dressrosa and their fight against the bad guy named Donquixote Doflamingo, who is the captain of the Donquixote Pirates. As they reach the New World from Fish-Man Island, they get a distressing call from Punk Hazard.

Now, they become entangled in the illegal experiments of Caesar Clown. Along with that, they have to fight with the Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo and uncover a decade-old conspiracy in the island kingdom.

This part goes on for about 172 episodes in total, and its story arcs is mentioned below.

  • Punk Hazard Arc (579-589 and 591-625, 46 episodes)
  • Dressrosa Arc (629-746, 118 episodes)

9. Whole Cake Island Saga

Whole Cake Island Saga

This part of the story is about the crew meeting a very strong pirate leader and trying to save their friend Sanji. You will see that the crew begin to reunite on Zou as they find that their samurai companions’ have a connection to the Emperor and prepare themselves to fight Kaidou.

Sanjo has fallen into the clutches of another of the Four Emperors, Big Mom. Now, Luffy will lead the team into her territory to rescue the cook from her plans. In the meantime, the Levely is about to begin.

This part goes on for about 143 episodes in total, and its story arcs are mentioned below.

  • Zou Arc (751-779, 29 episodes)
  • Whole Cake Island Arc (783-877, 95 episodes)
  • Levely Arc (878-889, 12 episodes)

10. Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Saga

Since the Straw Hat Pirates have gone through many islands and made connections with a lot of other teams, they’ve now formed an alliance named Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance. Now, the alliance has gathered at the Wano Country of the New World to fight against the Kaidou and the Four Emperors.

The master plan here is to put an end to Kaidou’s master plan, and they were able to do it. Finally, the teams parted ways, but the resulting battle, as well as the events during the recent Levely, caused the world to go through dramatic changes.

This part goes on for about 195 episodes in total, and its story arcs are mentioned below.

  • Wano Country Arc (890-894, 897-906, 908-1028 and 1031-1085, 191 episodes)

11. Final Saga

Final Saga

This is the current and ongoing saga in the manga and the anime. In this saga, you will be able to experience the chaos that has erupted across the world while a long-awaited global war begins to escalate.

As the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Egghead, they got to know about a plan being made by the World Government to assassinate Dr. Vegapunk. The World Government has dispatched a CPO team, and while this leads to a Marine siege on the island where Dr. Vegapunk is residing, the upcoming story will definitely lead to an incident that will shock the world.

This part currently has about 24 episodes in total, and its story arc is mentioned below.

  • Egghead Arc (1086-)

How To Watch All One Piece Arcs in Order with Episodes Properly?

By watching the episodes in order, you can fully experience the world of One Piece and better understand and enjoy the story. This indeed means that one should start with the very first part, which is the East Blue Saga, and then proceed through the Alabasta Arc, Skypiea Arc, Water 7 Saga, and the rest in the queue. You can look up all the One Piece story segments and the episodes that go with them on different websites and forums.

Another suggested way to enjoy watching One Piece is to use the help of One Piece arc guides to ensure the arcs you watch are in the exact order they must be. These guides show all the episodes in the right order and also give a short glimpse of each story. Some guides also tell you about episodes that don’t follow the manga’s story.

Besides following any of the above methods, it’s also important to know that some arcs may be called different names in different areas. For instance, the “Water 7 Saga” is called the “Enies Lobby Arc” in some places. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have the right name and number of the episodes so you can watch the correct ones in the right order.

Watching all the episodes of One Piece might feel overwhelming because there are more than 1100 episodes, and new ones are still being made. But if you do it the right way, you can have a great time watching this amazing anime adventure.

Final Words

The story of One Piece could be a kaleidoscope of experience, camaraderie, and boundless inventiveness. For about two decades, Eiichiro Oda has captivated perusers and watchers with a story that builds from the unassuming beginnings of the Sentiment Day break Arc to the epic battles and revelations within the New World of One Piece.

Moving through a few curves of One Piece may be a tribute to the quality of the account and the capacity to construct a universe that keeps shocking and growing. In the expectation of another chapter, let us rejoice in the momentous voyage of Monkey D. Luffy and his team as they seek after their objectives and rummage around for the extreme prize, One Piece.

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