Snapchat Planets Order and Its Meaning Explained

Whenever the talk is about famous social media platforms, Snapchat lies nowhere behind. Yes! Indeed, Snapchat is a very popular social media app, especially for Gen Z people. It is featured with a lot of cool features that keep its users interested and even engaged. Although the app has a lot of features, Snapchat Plus makes it even better with cool upgrades for users.  One of the latest features added to it that is capturing everyone’s attention out there is- the Snapchat Friend Solar System.

It is especially for Snapchat Plus users who allocate a planet to each of their closest buddies. So, if you are one of those who are browsing the internet to find out more about Snapchat Planets, then believe us you have landed on the right page. Read the article to delve down the lane emphasizing things like snap planets’ meaning, significance, order, and quite a few more.

Snapchat Planets Order and Its Meaning

What Are Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat Planets is a revolutionary feature that has turned the dimensions of interaction over the platform. By bringing mind-boggling features like snap planets into action, Snapchat has redefined friendship and connection in this digital era. Snapchat Planets works pretty much like the real solar system. This is your solar system, and you are like the Sun. Your best friends on Snapchat are like the planets orbiting around you. Snapchat Planets is what you can call just more than a feature.

Yes! It is a great tool that lends you the aid to navigate through the complex web of modern-day connections and friendship in a visually engaging manner. Here you are being the Sun and your friends are assigned a Planet based on their proximity to you on Snapchat. For instance, your best friend will be assigned as “Mercury” for you as it is the one closest to the Sun. The Solar System is like your top eight best friends on Snapchat and the planets assigned to each get changed with time.

Snapchat Planets Solar System

Snapchat Planets Order and Their Meanings 2024

Gaining more knowledge about Snapchat plus planets and Snapchat planets can help you acknowledge your friends better and decide who to have a conversation with on priority. By learning about the order of planets on your list, you can figure out who are dearest to and who may need to spend more of your time with.

The Snapchat Plus Planets feature also helps you to learn more about what your friends are doing on the app. Snapchat Planets undoubtedly work magic for people who want to make better social connections by making things more interesting and useful. By decoding the Snapchat planet order, users can gain a deeper understanding of their connections and interactions within the platform. So here below is the order of planets and their meaning-

1. Mercury

Snapchat Mercury

Mercury, which is the same as the solar system, is the first planet mentioned on Snapchat’s best friends list and is also the closest planet to the Sun. Snapchat Plus Friends Solar System is featured with a red planet surrounded by five red hearts and some emojis around. This planet also means the friend you talk the most with on this platform.

2. Venus

Snapchat Venus

Venus, the second planet, represents the one who is your second-best friend. It also has five hearts but in pink, yellow, and blue colours. Suppose one time, if you start engaging with your second-best friend most frequently, it will assign your best friend this as Mercury. If you interact with #2 friend more than #1, then their positions might change in future.

3. Earth

Snapchat Earth

This represents your third closest Snapchat friend on your solar Snapchat planets order. You can distinguish it from the other planets clearly because you can see the moon in the background and the continents on the globe. There are also stars and red hearts in addition to them, which adds to the beauty, and the planet’s image will look exactly like the Earth.

4. Mars

Snapchat Mars

The fourth on the Snapchat Plus planets list is Mars, who is your fourth closest friend on the app. The planet is featured red with stars, and purple and blue hearts are pictured around it. The details in the image of this planet are not much, but yes, it does look like Mars. According to Snapchat, 60% of your friends have a chance to become on this planet at some point in time.

5. Jupiter

Snapchat Jupiter

Moving on, the one that is the fifth closest to the Sun is Jupiter. Hence, the friend in this position will be assigned the planet Jupiter to them. So, this represents the one that is closest to you after the four friends mentioned above. It is represented by a reddish-orange planet with strips of dark orange colour and, of course, the colourful stars around it.

6. Saturn

Snapchat Saturn

Saturn is the biggest planet of all the planets, and it’s the sixth planet from the Sun. It’s like your sixth best friend on Snapchat, and it does look beautiful. It’s a special planet with a shiny gold ring and stars floating around it. Unlike other planets, Saturn does look brighter, but considering its position, it is on #6.

7. Uranus

Snapchat Uranus

The seventh planet from the Sun is like your seventh best friend. Your #7 best friend on Snapchat gets Uranus linked to them, and its appearance is almost similar to that of other planets. It can be easily recognized by its green spirals. Another thing to note here is that as the ranking goes down, the stars and hearts shown near the planets get removed, too.

8. Neptune

Snapchat Neptune

It is the farthest one from the Sun, so it represents the one friend who is there as a friend but not so close and the one with whom we rarely communicate. It can be easily differentiated by its green spirals. So, you will not see any hearts on this planet, only a few stars. Not to mention, because of its deep blue colour, it is one of the planets to recognize.

How To Check Your Snapchat Planets

You can enjoy very simple access to Snapchat Planets to check out where your friends are in the solar system. Do remember that you will need Snapchat Plus to access this feature, as it is available only to paid members of the service. Once you’ve subscribed to the paid plan, both the Friends and Best Friends features will start appearing on your profile. Here’s how you can check it:

  • Sign in for Snapchat Plus.
  • Open the app and swipe right from the camera tab.
  • Press and hold on to the Bitmoji representing your friend.

Snapchat Best Friends Planets

  • Click on the View Friendship option from the menu available.
  • Choose from either the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge mentioned under their surname to check the planet.

Note: A Best Friends badge means you are very close to that person, and they are very important to you as you often interaction with them. The Friends badge shows where you are in your friend’s group, but your friend is not in your group. Experts at TricksForums will continue bring more information on the topic, so keep visiting this page to learn more about it.

FAQs Related To Snapchat Planets List 2024

We have tried to bring all the information available related to Snapchat planets in order, and we hope you know everything about it by now. However, there might be some questions running through your mind. Don’t worry because we are here to help. From questions related to Snapchat planets with numbers to Snapchat planets BSF list order, we’ve answered all the common questions related to it.

How Many Best Friend Planets Are on Snapchat?

Currently, there are 8 planets in the Snapchat Plus subscription. Every planet in the solar system is assigned to a “Best Friend” of your account. These are assigned based on the activity and intimacy you have with a friend on the application. So, the more you chat and send snaps to a friend, the position of them in your own solar system will improve, too.

Can I See Planets Without A Snapchat Plus Subscription?

Unfortunately, you can’t see Snapchat Planets if you don’t have a Snapchat Premium subscription. This feature is limited only to paid users of the platform. However, if you think you are close to someone and might be on their Snapchat planets list, then you can ask them to tell you your status. Your friends having Snap Premium will be able to tell your planet’s name and number.

Snapchat Planets Order

How Much Does Snapchat Plus Cost?

The cost to subscribe to a Snapchat Plus subscription depends on the country you are living in. Generally, it costs around $3.99 for a monthly plan and $29.99 for a yearly subscription. Snapchat Plus is a recurring subscription-based service, so you will have to continuously pay to enjoy the premium features. Open the app settings on your device to learn more about it.

Snapchat vs Snapchat Plus: What’s The Difference?

The main difference between Snapchat and Snapchat Plus is access to additional features that upgrade your overall experience. The core function of sending Snaps and chatting with friends remains the same. Not only this but when you subscribe to this paid plan, you will be able to enjoy pre-release and experimental features before they are made available to the general public.

How Do You Make Someone Your #1 Best Friend On Snapchat?

As we’ve already shared above, the Snapchat Planets order number is assigned based on activities you’ve done with your friends. To make someone your #1 Snapchat BFF, share the highest number of chats and send them as many snaps as you can. This must be done for at least two weeks without any delay, and you will see them climbing the ranks of Snapchat Planets on your list.

Final Words

The Snapchat Planets have immensely piqued the curiosity of many users and it’s now no wonder why. From deciphering who your best friends are to learning about the significance of each planet on Snapchat, it gives you a whole new different view of your social circle. As people explore Snapchat and find out what it all means, they go on a special journey of learning and making connections that are different from anything else.

“Using emojis on Snapchat makes the experience more fun and interesting. It lets users discover new things and make friends in a virtual world with lots of options.” So, if you want to learn more about Snapchat and planets, or just want to manage your contacts better, understanding how to use Snapchat planets in the right way can make your experience on the app even better.

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