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Top Best Web Browsers For Android Devices

Now a days everyone owns a smartphone and when you will ask people that what makes a phone smart? Then you will surly get answers like its apps, its camera, its screen etc. but the thing which is most used in all of the smartphones is web browser. Both Google and Apple know this, and that is why both their default browsers are pretty good. Safari still rules the roost on iOS, and Google Chrome is great on Android.Having the right features and performance while browsing on the internet can actually change your entire experience with a device. Best Web Browser for MAC

Best Web Browsers For Android Devices

There are so much of third-party web browsers available for android out there. Some focus on features, others on speed, and some try to do both. So which one should you download? Don’t worry, I have posted best web browsers for android devices, which will change your browsing experience for sure.

Best 5+1 Web Browsers For Android Devices


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Firefox browser is one of the most popular browsers on desktops and only few persons out there knows that it have an android version too. It is neatly build up and will provide smooth browsing experience to you. It allows you to sync to your desktop version of Firefox to obtain your bookmarks and there are add-ons that you can add as well.

There are many add-ons available for it so that you can increase your browsing experience more. The mobile version of Firefox also lets you save articles for offline reading and features a wide range of customization options.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini for Android | Ad blocker, File sharing, Data savings | Opera

Opera is one of the best web browser for windows operating system for PC, we all know that, but its mobile version can give you quick browsing experience too. There are so many themes and add-ons available for this mini browser as well as the Speed Dial and Discover features to help give you a more entertaining browsing experience.

You can do even more with bookmarks in Opera for Android. You can sync your phone’s bookmarks with your tablet or computer. Moreover there are some smart elements in it like automatic page-sizing, that make browsing more easier. Opera mini compresses the size of the page you are visiting, resulting in fast loading of the page.

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UC Browser

Download UC Browser for Android Free, UC Browser APK for phone |

UC Browser is one of the most popular web browser not only for android devices, but for Windows, iOS and Symbian devices too. It has some cool features that improve the browsing experience for example, it preloads webpages so they load quickly.

It includes some features like speed mode which helps you browse even faster and auto pager which loads multiple pages at once so multi-page articles are easier to read. It supports multiple, background, and cloud downloading with auto re-connection. One cool feature in this browser in Night Mode, which will change the theme of your browser so that you can read more comfortably at night.

Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser Android App Demo - DailyAppShow - YouTube

Baidu Browser provides you easy, fast and safe access to browse everything on the Internet. This browser is so secure that it warns you when you are about to visit a website with potential fraud risks. There is an incognito mode in it, which allows you to browse the internet anonymously, and it doesn’t save browsing history.

You can pin your favorite sites on the homepage, so that from next time you can jump over there without wasting time. It also tracks your browsing habits and displays websites you browse most for easy access. There is a “Floating Playback Mode” in it, which lets you watch videos while browsing the Web or using other programs.

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Next Browser

Next Browser - APK Download for Android | Aptoide

Next Browser is another great browser for android devices. It focuses on speed. It is very small in size, you don’t have to worry about the storage anymore. Along with it, offers some powerful functions which allows you to browse seamlessly on the web.

One more amazing thing about this browser is that it never leave process running in background so it is RAM friendly too. It have a customization home screen for quick accessing of favorite sites, it have gestures controls too, so you can switch between tabs with simple gesture. Moreover you can import and sync chrome bookmarks with it, but to this you need to install Next Sync Plus on Chrome.

Maxthon Browser

Download Maxthon browser - Fast & safe cloud web browser for Android Free, Maxthon  browser - Fast & safe cloud web browser APK for phone |

Last on our list is the Maxthon Browser, which have more than 600 million users around the globe. It is a new browser, but it have gained so much of popularity because of its amazing features. There is an advanced gesture feature in it, which allows you to create your own touch screen commands so that you can browse internet more easily.

Another feature named My Cloud Tabs, allows you to sync your tabs to different devices for a seamless browsing experience. There is a reader mode in it, which makes it easy to view articles by adjusting font sizes, formatting and removing ads.It’s definitely worth a shot.


So these were best web browsers for android devices. It’s very difficult to determine a best browser. They are only my top picks, there are a lot more available over the Google Play Store. Everyone has different needs and all of these browsers have unique features. So which web browser is your favorite for android devices, do let me know via comments below.


  • I love chrome browser. this is very fast as compared to another browser, and we can easily increase our browser features by help of chrome apps or add-ons.. this article having all popular bowers list which mostly people prefer for internet surfing.. great work..

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