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Top Best iOS Emulator For Windows Pc Laptop To Run iOS

iOS is an operating system for Apple devices. Gadgets like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac runs on iOS. There are many people out there who want to try their hands on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad but can’t as most of the apple products are quite expensive.

But what if we can use any ios apps and games on our windows PC? So if you are wondering about the way we can use iOS app on our windows PC, then let me tell you there are some iOS emulators for windows PC available over the internet which will provide you a neat and tidy iOS interface on your windows PC or Laptop.

With the help of ios emulator, you can run any ios app on your windows PC without having iPhone or iPad also you can play ios games too. So today we are going to tell you about some of the best iOS emulators for windows PC by which you can run any iPhone/ iPad apps and games on Windows Computer.

Top Best iOS Emulator For Windows Pc Laptop

But if you dont know about emulator then let me me tell you what emulator exactly is.  An emulator is hardware or software that enables one computer system (called the host) to behave like another computer system (called the guest).

An emulator typically enables the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system (source wikipedia). So ios emulator will create ios environment and will  enabled your pc to behave like a ios device so that you can run ios apps.
Using an emulator is the best to test operating system and for developers it provides a platform to test games and apps before launching them.

Top Best iOS Emulators For Windows 10/7/8/8.1 PC Laptop Free Download


ipadian ios emulator

iPadian is most used and most popular iOS emulator for windows pc laptop. This emulator can help you in running iOS apps and games on your windows pc. The most amazing thing about this software is that, it keeps getting updates.

Which means whenever a new iOS version is released, this iOS emulator will display it on your windows pc, so you can update it and enjoy the newest version of iOS. Currently the software runs on iOS 9, which is the latest operating system update by Apple.{ Get iPadian Here }

MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is another great program to run iOS emulator on your windows computer laptop pc. If you are facing any issues with the iPadian, then you can try out this best iPading alternative. The most amazing thing, which makes it more useful than iPadian is that MobiOne Studio works for developing cross platform mobile apps it means you can run both iOS and Android OS apps and games on your windows laptop pc. {Get MobiOne Studio Here}

AIR Phone

If you are looking for a simple yet small iOS emulator, then you should definitely download AIR iPhone for your windows pc. This software needs Adobe AIR in order to run on your computer.

The main objective of this app is to provide same iOS graphical user interface to user on windows devices, so developers can test their app on it first before releasing. The only thing which I think should be included in this app are web browser, Safari and internet usage data. People who are not developers might use this application to see what the iPhone is all about looks-wise. {Get AIR Phone Here}

Best Online iOS Emulators To Run iOS Apps On Windows PC

If you are searching for an iOS emulator which can do your online, then you are good to go with This is one of the best iOS emulator available for windows pc. All you have to do is to upload iOS .app bundle on this website and in sometime it will provide you interface, where you can easily run that app.

Another good thing about this website is that you can also upload .apk file on it and it will run that too. So if you are looking for an online android emulator then you can use this site. Visit App.oi


Appetize is another great online iOS emulator which works almost same as offline emulator. It is best alternative to Moreover you can also run android apk files on it because it works like an android emulator too.

If you are a developer, then you can use this emulator to test your apps. When you will visit this website, it will ask you to upload .ipa file which it will process and convert into app that you can use online. Once you have uploaded the file you will get the link of emulated app on your mail id. With Appetize you can experience the fell iPhone without having an iPhone Visit


So friends, I hope you have liked my post about how to download iOS emulator for windows pc laptop and how you can run iPad iPhone games on windows pc. Though there are many more iOS emulators available for free out there, but according to me emulators mentioned above are best in their class. If you know about any other good iOS emulator for pc, then do let me know about it via comments below.

Do note that there is another term named Simulator available. So don’t get confused. Let me tell you difference between Emulator and Simulator.Emulators works as an original device and provides better user interface. You can also say that emulators make replica of your device. You can run any games and apps on emulators, without any issues. Emulators are made for those who want to try out their hands on OS.

On the other hand Simulators set up the similar environment as the original device, but doesn’t support all of its features. Due to this reason you will not be able to run all apps, games and settings on a simulator. Though it opens and works faster than an emulator.

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