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Top 20+ Best RainMeter Skins and Themes For Windows 11/ 10/8.1/7

The Windows is one of the best desktop operating system series from the Microsoft. You might use the same Windows Operating system in your office and home computers. If you are working in the office, then using the same computer over and over again, with that same theme and the wallpaper is quite dull.

Thanks to the RainMeter software, you can customize your Windows computer Desktop and customize it according to your needs. The RainMeter is counted as one of the best Desktop customization software for Windows, and you must install it on your computer.

Top Best RainMeter Skins and Themes For Windows

The RainMeter app comes with tons of customization features and themes to install on the computer. In this post, I am going to share the list of some of the best Rainmeter Skins and Themes, which you should download and start using immediately.

If you are looking for some simple Rainmeter skins and themes for Windows 10, 8.1 and 7, then you have landed on the correct page.

Here in this you can get to know about our latest picks of best Rainmeter skins windows 10 free download, along with best Rainmeter skins for gamers.

Though there are many best Rainmeter skins Reddit available and you can read it there and download Rainmeter themes from other websites as well. So, let’s get started with top best Rainmeter themes 2023 and best Rainmeter skins 2023.

Best RainMeter Skins and Themes For Windows 11, 10,8.1,7

Here, I am listing the best RainMeter Skins and Themes for Windows 8.1 and 10. You can download these themes on your computer and then apply them using the RainMeter software.

#1. BattleField 3 – Download

Battlefield 3 Rainmeter Skin

The BattleField 3 is one of the most popular games in the Battlefield series. The BattleField 3 acquired the fame because of the high-end graphics and exciting missions. The BattleField 3 RainMeter Theme has the iconic BattleField 3 like user interface.

This theme for RainMeter software is highly customizable and comes with the widgets like the Shortcut widgets and the weather widget. Also, the Battlefield 3 Theme for RainMeter comes with the feature to show you the most used shortcuts for higher productivity.

#2. Eker Lina – Download

Eker Lina Rainmeter Skin

If you are looking for a simple and minimalistic skin or theme, then the Eker Lina RainMeter Theme is the best suitable for your desktop. The Eker Lina RainMeter theme is a favorite RainMeter theme, many users love.

This theme shows the disk drives, system folder, folders, shortcuts and also the weather details of your city. The alignment of these folders and widgets is proper and makes your desktop look clean and simple.

#3. Before Dawn – Download

Before Dawn Rainmeter Skin

The Before Dawn is one of the smallest themes for the RainMeter software. The Before Dawn theme is just of 25KB size. The Before Dawn Skin for RainMeter software is pretty simple and straightforward. After installing this theme, you can see all the content is located in the middle of the desktop.

The Stripe in the middle of the desktop contains the entire contents of the Disk Drives, Softwares, Shortcuts and other essential features like the Clock and the Weather widget.

#4. PILEUS Suit – Download

PILEUS Suit Rainmeter Skin

The PILEUS Suit is the theme for RainMeter with full of features. You will find tons of elements in the PILEUS Suit software. If you are looking for a great and fantastic skin for your Windows Desktop, then the PILEUS Suit is the best one for you.

In the PILEUS Suite, you can find the Disk Drives icons, Files, Folders and also the RSS Widget, Power Status and the Digital and Analogue clock widget. The PILEUS Suit theme for Windows is highly customizable and has the best User Interface.

#5. JARVIS – Download

Iron Man Jarvis Rainmeter Skin

Do you know the JARVIS AI Assistant of the Tony Stark from the Iron Man movie? Well, this theme is based on the JARVIS AI Assistant.

Just like it is showed in the film, you will see it on your Desktop. With the JARVIS RainMeter Skin for Windows, you can make your Desktop Look Like JARVIS and Shield computers as shown in the Iron Man movie.

The JARVIS is one of the most popular themes for the Windows computers as there are too many fans of the Iron Man Superhero Movie series.

#6. Darkness Falls – Download

Darkness Falls Rainmeter Skin

If the Darkness is your forte and you love the Dark themes, then the Darkness Falls skin for RainMeter software is for you. It comes with the combination of Dark user interface and the Dark Wallpapers.

Everything included in this theme comes with the Darker shade. The Wallpaper, Icons, Widget and the Interface are in the Dark Shade.

If you work mostly in the night, then the Darkness Falls is an excellent theme for your eyes as it will not hurt your eyes with bright colors.

#7. Obsidian – Download

Obsidian Rainmeter Theme

The Obsidian is one of the best SkinMeter Skin for the Windows operating system. The Obsidian Theme is different from the other themes, as it includes the various user interface and the fonts.

On the Obsidian Theme Desktop, you will see every folder and the files located on the desktop are aligned in the Steps like structure. This may look pretty weird at first glance.

Every icon, widget, and folder located on the Desktop is arranged in the grid like structure, which is very helpful to navigate.

#8. Mass Effect – Download

Mass Effect Rainmeter Skin

The Mass Effect is the futuristic theme for RainMeter software on Windows. The Mass Effect makes use of the Aero Theme, which makes it beautiful to use and watch.

The Mass Effect theme has the Futuristic user interface, which is quite similar to the futuristic computers shown in the movies.

If you are a fan of the Aero style themes and Aero style wallpapers, then the Mass Effect Skin for RainMeter is the best for your computer.

#9. Razor – Download

Razor Rainmeter Theme

The Razor is a glossy and modern desktop theme for RainMeter. You will see that it has that bright look with the Razor like effect. Just like other themes, it comes with the useful features like the Power Status Widget, Weather Widget, Files and Shortcuts on the desktop, etc.

The Razor Skin for RainMeter is highly customizable according to your needs. You can add more widgets or remove the current widgets to make this theme look cool.

#10. ABP V1.2 – Download

ABP v1.2 Rainmeter Theme

The ABP V 1.2 is a unique and straightforward RainMeter Skin for Windows 8 and 10. The ABP V1.2 is quite a Classy Theme for your Windows Desktop.

It has the grid-like structure for arranging the items of the Desktop. The ABP V1.2 has the customizable color theme, which is excellent for those who do not love the default colors.

#11. End of The World – Download

End of the World Rainmeter Theme

If you love to imagine, then you should’ve guessed about the End of the World. Well, this RainMeter skin is based on the same concept, i.e.,

The End of the World. Assuming everything is going to happen far later in the Future, the developer has added every element with his imagination.

The Widgets, icons and even the Wallpaper is inspired by the futuristic vision of the Developer. The End of the World is a customizable RainMeter Theme for Windows, and you can change the Wallpapers, icons and even the Widgets.

#12. Horde – Download

Horde Rainmeter Theme

The Horde is a dark and straightforward theme for RainMeter users. The Horde comes with the bunch of widgets and the icon pack, which has the dark shade.

Just like the “Darkness Falls” theme we mentioned above, the Horde is a theme with dark tint and only for lovers of Darkness.

This is not an unusual theme if you are expecting too much from it. It is a simple theme that you should install if you are a lover of Minimalistic things.

#13. Space – Download

Space Rainmeter Theme

Love the Space and inter-galactic imagination? Well, this RainMeter is for you. Space is the very fancy RainMeter theme, which has all the space and galactic elements on the desktop.

In this Theme, you will find the icons and user interface are modified with the theme of Spaceships and the out-of-the earth elements. If you are a space lover, then you should install this fantastic theme.

#14. Galaxy Suite RainMeter – Download

Galaxy Suite Rainmeter Skin

The Galaxy Suite RainMeter is another fantastic theme for the Astronomy lovers. The Galaxy Suite for RainMeter is one of the cleanest Themes for the Windows.

You can see that the theme is clutter free and also has the very useful feature that is going to enhance the UI. The Galaxy Wallpaper, Sleek icons and the Sharp-edged widgets add a special touch to it.

#15. Encoded – Download

Encoded Rainmeter Theme

Want a Sleek and High Contrast theme? Well, the Encoded theme for RainMeter is the multi-colored theme which has the four colors contrasting each other.

The Red, Black, Grey and White colored sections of this theme give it eye-catching beauty. It comes with the bunch of useful widgets, mainly the Music Player widget.

#16. MoonGlow – Download

Moon Glow Rainmeter Skin

Want a theme that resembles the MacOS? The MoonGlow Theme for RainMeter is identical to the MacOS interface. Widgets on both sides of Desktop, Dock with all of the apps and shortcuts in the center and also clutter-free user interface makes it the same theme to Mac OS.

#17. Morph – Download

Morph Rainmeter Theme

The Morph is the Classic theme with the Retro effect to it. It is identical to the MoonGlow theme which is shared above. However, the Morph skin for RainMeter has the Retro impact to it.

It comes with Retro icons, interface and also the wallpapers, which reminds us of the Linux and Mac UI from their early days. The Morph Desktop for Windows is highly customizable with the option to choose from tons of widgets.

#18. Orange Glow – Download

Orange Glow Rainmeter Theme

The combination of the Orange color with Black color always creates the beautiful shade of color. The Orange Glow theme for RainMeter software has the same Orange and Black color combination. Instead of saying Black, I can call it Dark.

The Desktop is filled with the Softwares, Shortcuts and the files that you have stored on the Desktop. Also, it shows the frequently used apps for easy access. The Digital Clock on the Right side will give it an awesome look.

#19. Raleway – Download

Raleway Rainmeter Skin

The Raleway is a minimalistic theme for Windows 8.1 and 10. This is the best Nature based RainMeter skin I have ever used. With the minimalistic icons and nothing else on the Desktop makes it an attractive theme.

In the center of the Raleway Desktop, you can see the Softwares and shortcut icons. On the Right and Left corners, you will see the Temperature or any other widget and the Digital Clock widget. Just these three elements combined make these theme a perfect for your Windows Desktop.

#20. Rising Reflection – Download

Rising Reflection Rainmeter Skin

The Rising Reflection theme resembles the Linux Ubuntu user interface. The Linux Ubuntu had the cluttered and slow desktop environment, but this theme for RainMeter is pretty well optimized.

The Rising Reflection is highly customizable theme with the sidebar on the left side, which contains all of the software shortcuts. There is nothing else of the Desktop except the Sidebar of shortcuts and the Digital clock. Users can edit the theme later according to their convenience.

#21. Senja Suite – Download

Senja Suite Rainmeter Theme

The Senja Suite is TV, or Anime Character based rainmeter theme. In this theme, you can customize the TV or Anime character you like in the skin settings. The Senja Suite is quite popular RainMeter theme with widgets like Digital and Analogue clock, Image Slideshow and Music Player widget.

#22. ALIENS – Download

ALIENS Rainmeter Skin

The ALIENS RainMeter theme is also one of the futuristic themes made for Windows Desktops. The ALIENS theme is based on the imagination of the Aliens as seen in the movies and documentaries.

The color scheme of these RainMeter skin is fantastic and makes this theme attractive. The icons, Layout, Fonts and every other thing are designed while imagining the Aliens. The Desktop may look cluttered after applying this theme, but you can customize it according to your needs.

How to Install RainMeter Themes On Your Computer?

Some people may get confused while installing the rainmeter theme. Here is the exact tutorial with all of the steps to Install RainMeter Skins on Windows.

  1. First of all, download the RainMeter software and the skin in the ZIP or.RMSKIN format from the links provided above.
  2. Install RainMeter software if you have not already.
  3. Extract the Downloaded ZIP file and place it in the RainMeter Skins folder.
  4. The RainMeter Skins folder is located in the “C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins”
  5. If the Skin you downloaded is in the.RMSKIN format, then double click to install it.
    Now, open the RainMeter software, and you will find the skin in the software to activate.

Final Words 

So, these are some of the best RainMeter Skins and Themes for Windows 8 and 10. If you are bored of using the same computer with the same UI for a long time, then you have to install the RainMeter software and install the skins to get the fresh look to your desktop.

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