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Fix all Common Google Play Store Errors in Android

As you know Google Play store is the #1 Android market in the world. At Google Play you’ll get every kind of android apps and games both free and paid for your android device. But sometimes Play Store irritates us by giving some error codes in android device.

You might be facing a problem that when you find an interesting app and want to download on your android device or want to update your application then you’ll receive a cryptic error codes and you are not able to download or update your app. Unfortunately the error messages are very brief and doesn’t explain how to fix it, it only shows an error code.


But now you can solve those play store errors, here we’ve listed Solution of common error codes found when using Google Play Store.  So if you got any error while installing app from play store then check the below list you may get the solution of that play store error.

Common Errors of Google Play Store and Their Fixes

Google Play Store Error 491

Problem: This error prevent download and update of application

Fix: Remove your Google account from your android device and restart your device and add the account once again. Now clear the data from Google Service app by going Settings >> Application Manager >> Google Service, then click on clear data and finally force stop.

Google Play Store Error 413

Problem: This is another error which prevent download and update of application

Fix: To solve this error do the same which is mentioned above and Also remove cache from your internet browser.

Google Play Store Error 403

Google Play services app doesn't download In my mobile. there is error code  : 403 - Google Play Community

Problem: The request to update or download an application is forbidden and this issue usually comes up when two Google accounts are used on same device.

Fix: Go to Google Play and correct the account then uninstall the application that you were trying to update and re install the app from Google play store.

Google Play Store Error 495

Problem: Prevent downloading apps and games from play store.

Fix: Remove the data from both Google play and Google service Framework app by going to Settings >> Application Manager >> Google Play and Google Service. After that remove your Google account, restart your device and re add the account again.

Google Play Store Error 498

Problem: Interruption on downloading apps from Play Store and This issue usually comes up when you are trying to download app that are larger in size than your device cache partition.

Fix: Delete unused applications and files from your device. Now run your device in recovery mode and select wipe cache partition by navigating between option with volume rocker and confirm using power button.

Google Play Store Error 492

Problem: Impossible to install an app due to Dalvik Cache.

Fix:  Clear data from Google service and from Google Play Store and then force stop. If the problem not solved then delete dalvic cache. To do this, enter in custom recovery mode if your device is rooted. If your device is not rooted then complete a data wipe/ factory reset. Beware, it will wipe your all data so before do this make sure that you’ve backed up your data.

Google Play Store Error 919

Problem: Downloading the app but it does not open once downloaded and it’s happen when no more space in your android device.

Fix: Solution of this error is simple just remove unnecessary data like music, videos or any other large file.

Google Play Store Error 920

Problem: Application could be downloaded

Fix: Turn off you Wi-Fi and turn on it again then run play store and install the app. If the problem not solved then remove your Google account, restart your device and add the again. If the problem still persists then delete cache and clear data from play store and from the same tab uninstall play store updates. Next, restart your device, run play store and install app.

Google Play Store Error 921

Problem: Not able to download an application

Fix: Delete the cache of Google Play application. If the problem not solved then delete all the data from play store application. But beware it will also delete all the settings that you’ve already made. Finally if problem persist then remove Google account, restart your device and add the account again.

Google Play Store Error 923

Problem: Downloading is not possible: Error while syncing your Google account or insufficient cache memory.

Fix: Remove Google account and uninstall all useless application from your android device. Next restart your device into recovery mode and select wipe cache partition and start your device as usual. Now add your Google account again.

Google Play Store Error 927

Getting Rid of Error 927 in Google Play Store for Android - How to Droid

Problem: Downloading of app is prohibited because an update of Play Store is in progress.

Fix: Just wait for few minutes until the update is complete. If the problem persists then remove from both Google Play Store and Google Play Service.

These were some common errors of play store and their solution. For more solution of Google play store errors, check out XDA Forums thread  where they’ve listed solution of many common errors of Google Play Store. If you found any new error or any new way to fix the above play store errors then don’t forget to share with us in your comment.

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