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There is a Problem Parsing the Package Error [solve]

As we know android is most popular operating system from Google for mobile device and most of the company are supported android in their mobile device. We loved to use Android device because it contain lots of features then ordinary java mobile. But some time we get some problem in our Android mobile. Today in this article we are discussing about a serious problem facing by lots of android users in world wide.
Google play is the one of the trusted android market who offer android apps and games both free and paid version. But when you try to install your favorite apps or games on your android device from outside the Google play you may have noticed an error There is a problem parsing the packageand this is the most irritating time for you.
If you are the one who face this problem and find a solution then you are at the right place because today we are going to share with you a solution to to fix there is a problem parsing the package error in android.
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Why There is a Problem Parsing The Package Error Occur In Android

Before going to fix let us know you to why this parsing package error appears.

Although there are several reasons for it but the main reasons are:

  • Installing apk apps from unknown source.
  • The apk file is either corrupted or not fully downloaded.
  • The app is not compatible with hardware or android version of your android mobile.
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How To Fix There Is a Problem Parsing The Package Error

Allow installation from unknown source

Generally we download apps and games from Google play store but sometimes we download some apps from  unknown source and hence android don’t allow us to install that app and its show parsing the package error. In this case you need to Allow installation of apps from unknown source.

So follow the steps as given below:

  • First of all go to your device settings menu.
  • Then go to application.                    

choose application

Now check mark (Tick) on Unknown source.

check mark on unknown source

  •  Now try to install .apk apps and hope you will get successful result.

Double Check your Download APK File

If the above method does not solve your problem then its time ti double check your downloaded apk file that the file is completely download or its not corrupted. If you downloaded the apk file from outside of Google play store then delete that file and download from Google play because the apk file of unknown source may be corrupted or infected by virus or malware.

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Remove Cache from Google Play and Google Service

Although this is not a helpful solution but still this process solved parsing error many times. Sometimes Cache of Google Play and Google Service can cause this issue so remove cache from both Google Play and Google Service and restart your device and try to install apk file again.

Upgrade your Android OS Version

If you are want to latest apps and games but you are still using older version of Android OS, then its to to upgrade your android, because some apps does not support on old android version and it can cause there is a problem parsing the package error in android. So update your O.S. and it’ll solve parsing the package error.


There ware all possible way to fix there is a problem parsing the package error in android. All above mentioned methods are totally different from each others, if one method does not work for you then follow all above methods one by one and there is a huge chance to solve parsing the package error. If you still facing this error even after doing all steps mentioned above then contact your service center. Hope you like this article if this article solve your problem then share it with your friends and let us know in your comment which method works for you.

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  • This happened to my mobile from one day to the other. Suddenly all apk which I copy to my mobile (on the sdcard) do not get installed. All others which are already on the card do get installed. Copying the apk to root does not help neither. Copying them to google drive does work – but is too much work and I do not like google. Downloading them to the mobiel directly (same link – same apk)

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