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Clash Royale Strategies Decks Tips Tricks Cheats To Win Every Attack

Supercell’s new game Clash Royale is out, and can be downloaded from Google Play Store itself. More than 10 million people have already downloaded this app, and the numbers are just increasing.

In this modern world, almost everyone owns a smartphone device, most of the people are gaming addicted too. If you are a hardcore gamer, and looking for a Strategy game, then you might be interested in knowing about Clash Royale game.

Clash Royale is created by same company which have produced games like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash of Kings. It is basically a real-time multiplayer game, which have Clash of Clans characters and many more in it. You can earn chests to unlock rewards in this game, moreover you can also collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones.

clash royale strategies tips decks cheats

Here in this post, we are going to share some of the best tips and strategies to win battles in Clash Royale game also someclash royal best decks for arenas 3,4,5 and arenas 6 which will help to win battle.

Though there are many strategies that can be used to win battles in the game, but most of them requires experience at personal level. Tips mentioned here can be brought into action by almost anyone.

Clash Royale Strategies Cheats Tips To Win Battles

Use Skeleton Attacks

Clash Royale Skeleton Army Guide -

There are multiple Skeleton troops available in this game, but the thing to keep in mind is that the Giant Skeletons are very week. Do not use them to attack a strong troop. Giant Skeletons die very quickly, and are also susceptible to arrow attacks.

You can use Giant Skeletons to distract the concentration of the enemy, and when they start their work, you should attack with your “tank” troop to do heavy damage.

  1. Mix up your deck: First of all, you have to take care while building cards, troop cards and spell cards as there will only be 8 cards present in your deck. Make sure to experiment every possible ways to win battles, as there is nothing called like Perfect Deck in this game.
  2. Don’t attack first: While you fill up your elixir, wait your opponent to attack at you, rather than attacking others. Don’t forget to play defensively, and you should always save up your elixir until you can use cards in combination.
  3. Use the kill zone: Most of the people doesn’t know about this tip. The middle-area of the map on your side is called as “Kill Zone”.This kill zone have special abilities to perform in battle. You should always bring your opponent into your kill zone, by doing so, you will get an advantage from arrows and cannon balls from the towers.
  4. Know when and where to deploy troops: When you are ready to battle, then you should always sent your troops from behind your towers, so when they will reach the enemy, you have the elixir to unleash more troops. The most important thing is that you should not spawn your troops just beside your enemies, you will lose for sure.
  5. Spend gold wisely: Gold is something which can turn your troops from nothing to a fully armoured troop. You should use Gold to upgrade only those things, which are necessary. Do not upgrade everything you see. By using Gold more efficiently, you will notice a natural improvement in your performance.

Clash Royal Best Decks for Arenas 3,4,5 and 6

here are we are sharing some best decks for Arenas 3, Arenas 4, Arenas 5 and for Arenas 6.

best battle deck

best deck for clash royale

clash royale battle deck

clash royale best deck

class royal deck for battle


Clash Royale is definitely a great game to play when you want something to refresh your mind. It is a strategy based game, so you will need to think about it to win battles. Doing so will help you to get strong mind power, and allows you to take quick decisions.

We have shared some tips strategies and decks to win battles in Clash Royale, just to let everyone enjoy this game by winning and unlocking rewards. If you are using any other technique or strategy to win Clash Royale games, then do let us know about it too via comments below.

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