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How To Use Google Emoji Kitchen On Android iOS and Web

Google’s Emoji Kitchen is an amazing and enjoyable function that lets people try new and unique emojis created by the combination. There are more than 50,000 options for these mixed emojis, and Emoji Kitchen helps in generating more lively talk about emotions. This great news can be applied to Android, iOS, and web browsers so that everyone can use these special emoji blends.

Although, at first, it was possible to find this item only on the Gboard for Android, Google got rid of this limitation by integrating it with its homepage. One of the most significant applications recently is that every user, irrespective of the device used, can effortlessly key in “Emoji Kitchen” into a search box to begin amalgamating their preferred emojis.

How To Use Google Emoji Kitchen On Android iOS and Web

The tool has been met with considerable interest ever since it was rolled out in 2020 to improve conversations by introducing imaginative emoji blends. In this post, we are going to explain how to use Google Emoji Kitchen on Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), and PC devices. No matter which device you are using, you can always take advantage of it to send custom emojis to anyone out there.

What Is Google’s Emoji Kitchen?

In Google’s library of experimental features, one standout is Emoji Kitchen, an ability that permits customers to combine two emojis into a fresh new entity. Through the scrutiny of significant matches among emojis, Google artists designed over fifteen thousand possible combinations.

The project’s intent was to enable individuals to convey multi-layered information by means of one character instead of using lengthy texts. Some instances may include but are not limited to, blending faces with tears of joy emoji together with a heart in order to communicate laugh-out-loud.

How Does Emoji Kitchen Work

Another good example can be achieved by mixing the heart emoji with a birthday cake when wishing someone in a fun-filled way. One way that users can now communicate mixed emotions or complex ideas, which they might not have been able to with a single emoji, is by trying out the new feature called mashup stickers.

How To Use Google Emoji Kitchen On Android & iOS Devices?

While being able to use Emoji Kitchen through Google Search expanded its reach multifold, having it natively on frequent operating systems enhances the experience. For Android phones that already had Gboard, the feature was seamlessly incorporated.

However, thanks to thorough research and testing, Google also brought Emoji Kitchen functionality to iPhones and other iOS devices using the same straightforward template used by Gboard. You can follow the steps mentioned below to use this feature on your smartphone devices.

Default Keyboard App

  • Now open any messaging app where you want to try this feature.
  • Click on any chat or compose a message.
  • Tap on the text area to bring the keyboard on display.
  • Click on the Emoji Icon at the bottom of the screen (beside the space bar).

Gboard Emoji Button

  • Simply add two or three emojis to the message area.
  • Gboard will instantly show a combination emoji of the selected ones.

Gboard Emoji Kitchen

  • Not only this, but you will also get additional combinations in a carousel.
  • Browse or tap on the emoji of your choice, and it will be sent right away.

There comes many times when you don’t want to install an additional app on your phone. In that case, you can also use the web method mentioned below. Although we recommend using the GBoard app on your smartphones to have the best experience, if you want then you can try it on the Google Search or via a website. Read the method listed below to try it on the web from mobile.

How To Use Emoji Kitchen Using Google Search?

For a long time, utilizing the creative abilities of Emoji Kitchen was only possible for Android users. That too only when the users had Gboard keyboard installed on their devices. However, in a push to make Emoji Kitchen accessible for all, Google integrated it with their main search platform to be used directly from any web browser. You can now use this feature through Google Search or a dedicated website.

  • Open in any browser of your choice.
  • Type “Emoji Kitchen” (without quotes) and press Enter.
  • You will get a special result right on top.
  • Click on the Get Cooking button and wait for a few seconds.

Emoji Kitchen Google

  • An emoji box will appear on your screen.
  • Click on the first Big Emoji then select one from the list.
  • Click on Second Big Emoji and select one again from the list.
  • Now a result emoji as a combination of both will appear.

Emoji Kitchen Result

  • You can press the Copy button under the result to copy the emoji.
  • Now open any app or website to paste the copied emoji.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a Windows, Linux or macOS PC, you can always follow the steps mentioned above to use Emoji Kitchen. Not only this but you can also use a website called “” to do this. Remember that this website is not owned or managed by Google but was created by independent developer to allow users take advantage of this feature on web.

How Many Google’s Emoji Kitchen Combinations Are There?

Google’s Emoji Kitchen feature contains thousands of unique combinations for users to explore their creativity. While an exact number is difficult to quantify as new blends are regularly added, it’s estimated that there are well over 50,000 possible mixes already developed by Google artists.

This vast library of options means even the most avid emoji chefs likely haven’t tasted every recipe. Some combinations are more common sense, like the smiley face + heart eyes blend, while others push boundaries, like mixing the face with cold sweat and the sick icon. No matter a user’s style, there are certain to be mixes that fit any mood or message.

The wide assortment allows for truly one-of-a-kind emotional expressions that standard emojis just can’t replicate. Whether searching for the most hilarious or romantically apt blend, Emoji Kitchen’s expansive compilation has users covered.

Final Words

Google Emoji Kitchen is a delightful tool that gives anyone a simpler path toward personalized self-expression. Whether messaging friends on Android or exploring combinations out of curiosity on iOS or the web. The feature opens up a new creative dimension to an activity as common as sending digital stickers. If you have not tried it, you should definitely try it today.

While emojis themselves have become a universal language for feelings, Emoji Kitchen takes it a step further. As with any new ability, it takes some familiarization to optimize the experience. Keep visiting the TricksForums website, and we will keep this post updated with more information on Google’s Emoji Kitchen. You can also share your views with us via the comments below if  you’ve used it before.

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