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Top 12 Best City Building Games for PC 2023

Alright, today we are going to talk about the most unpopular genre in the game world. So, what is the city building games all about?

Well, the game deals with rebuilding your city from the natural disaster or fulfilling the lacking of daily needs. This simply means, the development of the city in your game is entirely up to you.

You are the one who have to play the role of mayor in the city and the responsibility is totally up to you. Only your proper actions and the right steps you take will help your city grow.

Here we will be having a look, on the list of Top 12 Best City building games for PC 2023.

In the game play, the players take action as the overall planner to maintain everything in the city. To get complete success in the game one has to know how to manage the city or town.

The players of the game take decision by making the building placement plan. Whereas, in managing the city you get features such as providing salaries or work priorities and then plans for developing city.

Check out the details of the list of the most addictive city building games 2023.

Top 12 Best City Building Games for PC 2023

Anno 2205

In the game play, of the Anno 2205 you will be changing the scenario of the city building into completely new heights.

Anno 2205™


It is one of the best strategic economic game play that you must install in your computer and play it.

Enjoy the cool city building game by securing the prosperity of your people, to make that happen manage the locations on Earth and on the moon as well.

In the colonize continents of the game, you can race to space and also mine the moon. Change your cities entirely by turning it into thriving metropolises.

You can either play the game as single in offline mode or as multiplayer in online mode.

Urban Empire

In the Urban Empire City Building Game take the role of a mayor, and take the full responsibly to manage the system of city.

Urban Empire on Steam


Be one of the most sharp-minded political men showing your smart skills fighting gains the opposition one party.

Evolve your city with the use of the latest technology by upgrading with impressive ideas.

You will ask to select 4 ruling families along with 5 each characters, not only that you will get to experience the 200 years of full mind-blowing inventions too.

Cities Skylines

As a mayor of the city you will need to build a city into perfection, you will be facing lots of unbalanced circumstances like providing proper education in the city and lots more.

Cities: Skylines


Not only that giving proper water supply into city is entirely up to your hands. Take a control city by giving police or health care and fire fighter.

The game play let you deal with all the hardship and everything that a mayor or architecture faces. Play the cities skylines.

SimCity Cities of Tomorrow

Build high sky tower with the multiple zone of MegaTowers, allowing your Sims to live on or work and then play without touching ground.

Buy Simcity: Cities of Tomorrow EA App


In the game, you have to unlock the two new city specializations which will give you an access to build a resource of the hungry mega corporation, and it will be totally powered by a low-wealth of work force.

SimCity Cities of tomorrow is one of the best online multiplayer city building games with 3D visuals effects, providing you an amazing gaming experience.

Cities XXL

This is one of the best City Building Games where you can create and then manage the huge dynamic with different cities.

Cities XXL


View more than 65 numbers of maps in Cities XXL with a number of around 1000 buildings in the cities.

Make your city look beautiful managing it by applying your skills. Trade or collect the valuable resources of your city with various cities to improve your city.

Build several types o building with different unique designs of building structure.

Forge of Empires

If you are seeking for the finest and addicted city building game for pc then Forge of Empires is a must play game.

Forge Of Empires


It earns its place in the top of the chart among the best city building games. This game brings you the strategy of game building empire experience, just like the clash of clans.

Create your own research facility in the game and lots amount of money from people in the city, and that includes from the builders as well.

Not only create a strong army of your empire to fight against other cities and to capture it.

Tropico 5

Tropico 5 Complete Collection let you explore the island in the game, and you will be able to find out what is beneath the fog of war.

Tropico 5


Start you empire reign in the time of colonials by surviving out the world war. Turn the Caribbean island into a beautiful city like the way you want it.

In the gameplay take control of the dynasty as EL president with each member of the extended family. You can also make a research on new technology and building designs as well.

Another Brick in the Mall

Another Brick in the Mall is a fascinating game in this list of the best city building games for PC.

Another Brick in The Mall on Steam


Design buildings like huge shopping centre or restaurants or movie theaters and lots more.

Apart from that you can maintain the several trade elements which are available around the city.

The main aim of the game play is to build up strong empire with lots of resources. Talking from the venture with the limited amount of fund and then accounting is just a part of dominant to your success.

City Play

The game is very rich in graphic as it introduces one of the finest quality, along with more than 80 several types of building designs and lots more.

City Play on Steam


City Play allows you to change the vehicle traffics on the road of your city. The game allows you to build a systematic road using the smart strategy which is very fun.

In the city simulation game of city play you will be guided with Travis as it will be providing you hints.

The Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom

The settlers 7 Paths to a kingdom is an city building game based on online, in which you get to enjoy and experience of building a kingdom.

Buy The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom Gold Edition Ubisoft Connect


It a classic settles of the gaming world where you have to look after the small town and villages.

Extend the area of your villages and sector wise into several ways. War against your opponent by building a strong army and use one of the most advance technologies.

Cities in Motion 2

Cities in Motion 2 - Paradox Interactive


Do you have the skills of architecture in you? If it is then cities in motion 2 is the right pick of game for you, as the game let you deal everything that a engineer or architecture does.

Create rule of your own on the game and build up entire scenario with your own thoughts. Choose the maps of the city of your choice along with the vehicles.

Manage the optimal usage of your created roads for trains and vehicles in the game.


Banished is a city building game for PC and the genre is strategy, take a full control on the lives of the people to decides to take shelter in a new place.



In the game, the main goal is to build a village by managing the resource you have in your city.

Build any structure of the city at any moment you want, by providing the resources to the people of your city or villages for it.

A total number of 20 occupants is ready for your people to start the work of farming.


These are some of the best city building games available for your PC which we have listed is details.

So, by now you must have chosen any one of these top 12 best city building games for PC 2023. Start playing one of these games as it come with the best graphics and visual effects.

We can guarantee you that you are about to have the best building strategy basis online game ever.

So, without going any further to investigate the name of the city building, grab any games from here instead and start having the experience of the building gaming world.

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