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How to Colorize Folder with Different Colors on your Windows Computer?

Everyone wants to make their computer look cool and impressive and there are many software are available to customize your computer and makes it impressive. We always keep our files and folder well organized in our computer because when we want to find some particular file or folder then it easy to find them.
But if you colorize your folders and use different color for different folder then it easier to navigate them. But in windows operating system you can’t do that normally but if you use a small software then you can colorize your folders easily on your computer. So today we are here to tell you how to colorize folder with different color on your computer.
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Why need to colorize folder?

If you have lots of folder on your computer then you can’t find any particular folder easily or quickly. But if you colorize your folder with different color then it is easy to navigate them than normal.
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Steps to colorize folder on your computer

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To colorize folder on your computer you need to use a small software named Folder Colorizer and here in this article we give you complete procedure to install and uses of Folder Colorizer. So follow the steps below.

  • First of all Download Folder Colorizer . Don’t worry to download because it is free and 100% virus free.
  • Now install Folder Colorizer on your computer normally.
  • After complete installation of the software perform a Right Click on any folder which one you want to customize with different color.
  • Now you will see colorize as a new option in the context menu and go to that menu and then a new sub menu will appear with some different color folder icon. Now choose any color for your folder.
  • Now a new window will popup and here you need to enter your email address. Although it’s free software but while you use it for first time then you need to enter your email address for activation. You don’t need to verify your email address by login into your email account.
  • After doing that your folders colors is changed and now do it on any folder.

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This is the simple way to colorize folder with different color on your windows computer. In this way you will be able to customize folder on any drive like C, D or any drive.
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