Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

It’s usually an expensive endeavor, but simple thanks to smart phone which you can simply carry in your hands fro recording video and capering pictures. Here I m talking about the various designed apps for you I phone which enables us to capture a high quality video from your I phone.

Creating, editing and posting video from anywhere is not always an option. However, the video editing apps in your smart phone makes it much easier to capture, edit and putting together a video. So, today we are going to discuss best video editing apps for iPad and iPhone.


Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone


How to Make a Video Editing App Like Magisto? [Development Cost & Features]

It is a self described movie maker. The movie making application let you to edit and filter your movie. Background sounds and effected can also be added with this video editing application. The app is compatible with both iOS and android. Some applications which are best for iphone are also suitable for ipad. So, magisto is among best video editing apps for android tablet.


Montaj - Discover Video Production Companies In Your Area

The application let you to shoot a number of clips of 5 second and also allows you to gather these clips.  It has got a special feature for adventurous people. You simply need to shake your phone for random songs to get into the background movie clip. Montaj is capatible with only iOS


Viddy Updates Its Mobile Video App With 30-Second Videos, New Filters, And  Discovery Tools | TechCrunch

 This video editing software is a basic videos haring application. custom filter and sound tracks can make you clip look beautiful  this is a very special feature of this app .viddy enable you to share your video on face book, twitter and other social networking sites . This app is compatible with both android and iOS. It is an editing app for Mac.

Cute cut

Cute CUT MOD APK 1.8.8 (Pro Unlocked) for Android

The advance feature of cute cut is drag and drop editing layout. There are more than thirty drawing tools which allow you to customize your footage with advance effects, texture and shadow. Since, it can be used in windows and ipad; it is the best video editing app for windows phone.

Qk video

QK Video Player Apk Download for Android- Latest version  6.605.0616(SL)_VER_32536184283488-

This is a newest app which is launched in android market which allows you to record and trim footage. There is a special option to add about 13 different triming effects to your video clip. So, Qk video is among top 10 video editing apps for iphone


Cinefy - Special FX Studio by App Creation Network

If you want to make only basis edits to your video them cinefy is the best video app for you. This app contains for then 100 special effects and animation for your video. Since it is compatible only n with iOS, apple users can directly download music from I tunes for extra flare.

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Video grade

Video Grade App Tutorial For Mobile Video Color Grade 4K - YouTube

This app does not have many editing option like other apps, but it allow you to alter the video color with its eleven high qualities.  You can adjust filters and alter the colors of your app with the hip of this editing application. So, this application is among best video editing apps.


Splice: Easy To Use Free Video Editing App For iPhone & iPad

An app with trimming and cropping options for your video. It has got a special feature as you can record your own voice as narration. It is compatible only for iOS and cost around 2.99 $

Reel director

Letter A Film Logo Concept With Film Reel For Media Sign, Movie Director  Symbol 19518687 Vector Art at Vecteezy

It offers editing tools or your video. More than twenty five transitions can be added to your footage which also included white out effects. Check Best iPhone Tips and Tricks

Social scam

last but not the least, this app allows you to record video with vintage to. There is no limit of videos in this application, so you can record video until your phone battery gets too low.


So, to conclude I must say that recording video is simple but video editing apps has made it easier than before and the above discussed applications are best video editing apps for iphone. There are thousands of video editing apps are available and we’ve listed only 10 of them but everyone has different needs, so don’t hesitate to look outside of these ten apps and if you find any other good video editing apps for iPhone then share with us in your comment .

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  • It’s great that all these editing features are now available on a smartphone. All theses apps will come in handy to people who post vines or Instagram videos and need a accessible platform to edit their videos.

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