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100+ Funny Things To Ask Siri – Funny Questions To Ask Siri

Siri is a smart voice powered personal assistance for iPhone iPad and iPod that was first introduced by Apple in the iPhone 4S in 2011.

It’s a funny virtual agent (girl or guy depending on the gender voice you’ve chosen). Siri is supposed to everything on I device like a real life personal assistance, it allows user to give spoken commands and siri will perform the tasks according to your commands or question that you asked.

You can ask siri to do anything like you can ask to make a phone call, send a message, send an email, set reminders, set alarm, find directions, launching apps, playing music or video and also you ask siri to perform a search on internet.

funny things to ask siri

But siri is different from other voice recognition software which are available on the internet because she is intelligence you can ask any thing or any question that you’ve on your mind and you’ll get a plausible answer from her for sure.

Not only intelligence, siri also has very good sense of humor so many people find it amazing to ask funny things and hilarious questions to siri.

So today here in this article we are going to share some best funny things  to ask Siri and funny questions to ask Siri and Some Funny things to Say to Siri.

Ask these funny questions to siri and check the answer.

Best Funny Things To Ask Siri – Funny Questions To Ask Siri 2017

  1. How Are you?
  2. Are You Human?
  3. Will you marry me ?
  4. Are you man or woman?
  5. Are you metrosextual?
  6. Where do babies come from ?
  7. Who Created you?
  8. Why did Apple make you?
  9. What is zero divided by zero?
  10. What are you wearing ?
  11. How Much do you Cost ?
  12. What are you doing After work Today ?
  13. When is the World going to End ?
  14. What is your best pickup line ?
  15. What is your favorite movie ?
  16. Can you stop the Time ?
  17. What is the Best Computer?
  18. What is the Best Operating System?
  19. Okay Glass
  20. I’m naked
  21. Do you have a penis?
  22. Are you stupid?
  23. Make me a sandwich
  24. What is your Favorite color ?
  25. Tell Me your Story
  26. What does the fox say ?
  27. I Love you Siri
  28. I Cant Sleep
  29. You Look Sexy
  30. You are smart
  31. You are funny
  32. How Old you are?
  33. Where are you From?
  34. Who is your favorite Person ?
  35. When is your birthday ?
  36. Who is your Daddy or Who is your Father?
  37. Are you Virgin?
  38. What is your favorite Drink?
  39. What is your Mon’s name?
  40. Who made you?
  41. What is the meaning of Life?
  42. Do you believe in GOD?
  43. Do you think I’m Attractive?
  44. You are boring
  45. I hate you siri
  46. You should go on a Diet
  47. You are a Loser
  48. Get a life siri
  49. You are an Idiot
  50. I’m selling you on eBay
  51. I’m drunk
  52. What does siri mean ?
  53. What is the Best Smartphone ?
  54. What is your favorite Animal ?
  55. Do you follow three laws of Robotics?
  56. Sing me a Song Siri
  57. What is better, Windows or Mac?
  58. Does Santa Clause Exist?
  59. When will pigs fly ?
  60. Is GOD Real ?
  61. Where did I put my keys?
  62. Talk dirty to me
  63. Do you have Any Pets ?
  64. Are you part of the Illuminati?
  65. Are you Witch ?
  66. Do you Know Steve Jobs ?
  67. Do you want to Make Out ?
  68. Can I have Some Money ?
  69. Do you want to Go on a Date ?
  70. Guess What ?
  71. Do you Love Me ?
  72. Siri, Why Don’t you Love Me?
  73. Siri Remind me to Kill Myself Tomorrow
  74. Do you want to Play a Game ?
  75. What do you think of Android ?
  76. Help I’m stuck on the moon
  77. Do you have a Brother ?
  78. Why are Fire Trucks Red?
  79. I’m Sleepy
  80. Which is the best Phone ?
  81. Tell me a Joke
  82. Knock Knock
  83. Why did the Chicken Cross the Road ?
  84. You suck Siri
  85. Whats is the secret of the Universe?
  86. Where do you Live ?
  87. Are you Cheating On Me
  88. Tell me Something Good
  89. What do you Think of Cortana ?
  90. What do you think of Google Now ?
  91. Stop it Siri
  92. How do I Look?
  93. Take me to your Leader
  94. OK Glass
  95. Open the pod bay door
  96. Siri, I’m going to die alone
  97. Are you Her?
  98. What is your favorite song?
  99. Will you be my thunder Buddy?
  100. Can you Stop Time ?
  101. Beam me up scotty
  102. Do you know Hal 9000?
  103. Siri, How can I pass my Biology Class ?
  104. I’m going to trade you in for an Android Phone
  105. Did you fart Again?
  106. Have you been sleeping with another iPhone?


These are 100+ funny things to ask siri, ask these funny question to siri and see what answer she got for you.

Don’t forget to try these funny questions to ask siri multiple times because answer of some question will be different each time you ask to Siri.

Hope you like these funny things and if you have your own funny things to ask siri then comment down and we’ll update it here.

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