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How To Write A Perfect Resume For Your Job Interview

When applying for job, everyone wants their resume to look good because it doesn’t matter that you are well qualified or you have so many degrees or even how much experience you have, if your resume is presented in a poor way or in a wrong manner, you’re going to have trouble getting the job you want – or even an interview.

Your resume can be called as a marketing tool. Which should have everything in it like how you meet the job and the organisation’s requirements or that you have the right experience and skills.

How To Write A Perfect Resume For Your Job Interview..

So I will recommend you to give some time to your resume and you should keep one thing in mind that your resume should have everything about you. Here in this post I have mentioned some tips and advice to write a perfect resume for your job interview.

Write A Prefect Resume For Job Interview

The Purpose of a Resume

  1. It represents you when you are not there.
  2. It quantifies your accomplishments.
  3. It clearly states your abilities.
  4. It shows your command of the written word.
  5. It creates talking points for a future interview.
  6. It proves your worth to your past employers.
  7. It demonstrates what you can do for your future employer.

How Long Should Resume Be?

What Does the Best Resume Look Like in 2023

Now this question is frequently asked in many forums and question and answers sites. How long should I write my resume so that it looks good? Just to clarify, let me tell you that there isn’t specific pages or words will be mentioned on the job portal.

Your resume can be of 1 page and up to 3 pages, it totally depends on the job you are applying for. When this question is asked from professional resume writers, many of them told that “A job resume should be of around 2 pages and if you want to include more information, then you can also make it 3 pages. 4 pages will look awkward, and you should try to avoid writing lengthy resume.”

What You Should Include In Your Resume?

HOW TO WRITE A GREAT RESUME | The Resource Connection

  • Contact Details –Whenever you are making your resume, it doesn’t matter for what kind of job you are applying for, always include contact details in it. Contact details such as name, email address and a contact phone number should be mentioned in good font format. You don’t really need to mention your home address, but in some cases it can be included. Instead of putting your contact details in the header, try to put it in footer of the resume, but make sure it is in the main body of resume.
  • Opening Statement –By opening statement here I mean, a summary of who you are, where you have studied, where you have worked or why you are suitable for the job. You should write at least 7-8 lines on it, and remember not to include personal reference (i.e., don’t say “I did this” – say “Did this” instead). Try to start your opening statement with the best thing about you.
  • Key Skills & Strengths –Skills are just extra perks which you should mention in your job resume. Try to include at least 10-15 skills that link your experience to the job you’re applying for. When writing your skills, make sure they are true and you are really good in that. If you are applying for a job which was advertised, then there must be a list of experiences and skills that are essential for doing the job. Try to link your skills with them for better results.
  • Personal Attributes –If you are a person who don’t have much work experience, then you can mentioned some of personal attributes to let interviewers know that you are the right person for the job.You should try to mention those things in this section which indicates that you are reliable, honest, trustworthy or quick to learn new things. You can include 5-6 personal attributes, but make sure that you don’t include them instead of key skills.
  • Employment History –When you are writing about your previous jobs, be sure to start with the most recent one and then go backwards from there. Also don’t forget to mention your position and dates of the jobs. If you don’t have any work experience, then you can mention other things to demonstrate your experience like volunteer work you’ve done or work experience through school. If you have any achievements and contributions, mention that too.
  • Educational History –While writing educational history, make sure you are mentioning your highest level of education. Don’t include your results, unless they are indicating how well you are suited for the job. If you want your resume to look more good, then you can also use bullet points to write list of your academic achievements like class captaincies, awards you’ve won, or groups you’ve been part of.
  • Testimonials –Testimonials are the best way to prove that your skills and experience is what the employer is looking for and you are suitable for the job. Getting testimonials is not that hard as it seem. You can ask it from your colleagues, teacher, or previous employer.
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My Thoughts

So, you have reached the end my friend. I hope you have got what you were searching for, and now you know how to write a perfect resume for job interview.A resume plays an important role when it comes to job interview. It shows your skills and experience to the interviewer, and present a positive image of yourself.

It’s always recommended to write as much information as you can (but don’t go with personal things). In this article, I have mentioned all best tips to write a perfect resume. You can research the company and people behind it to customize your resume. Do let me know your thoughts on this via comments below.

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  • Writing a resume is really important especially because you really can’t get a job without one these days. From what I have heard, there aren’t a lot of people that really know how to write a resume. I think that is really sad because it is an important part of a job. I think that people really need to peer into your past jobs and see what kind of work you are capable of.

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