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Top Best Website to Learn English Online for Free

If you want to express your thoughts or knowledge in from of people then you need to communicate with them, so you must have good communication skill. English is the standard form of communication and in order improve your communication skill you must need to learn English.

English is spoken as a first language by around 400 million people around the world. Learning English will increase your confidence and also provide you a representation ability to impress your clients or colleagues.


So have you decided to learn English, but don’t know from where or don’t want to go to the coaching class or don’t have enough time for English coaching class then you can learn English online from your home or wherever you want.

There are many websites available who offers free and paid English learning course online. But with so many website available on internet it’s hard to find best website to learn English online. So, here we will provide you a list of 5 best website to learn English online. These website are very useful for learning English.

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Top 5 Best Website to Learn English Online for free

Voice of America

Voice of America at 70

Voice of America’s classroom provide a real world basis for learning American English by engaging student with latest news on various topic like world, USA, Business, Health, Education etc. Through this site you can easily stay in touch with real American English and practice your language skills. This site will not only improve your communication skill, it also increase your general knowledge by engaging you with latest worldwide news.

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English: ESL Resource for Superb Video and Audio - ALL ESL

All we know that BBC is the most famous radio channel and translated into 30 different languages worldwide and Now BBC is one of the best place to learn English online. This site teaches you Grammar, Pronunciation, Business English and they teach these well using their Quizzes, PDF downloads, Audio, Video and the vast community that they have made over the year. – English as 2nd Language

Anthony Gallo A\'Diva SE review on | Large Media, Inc.

This is another great website, this site has a big amount of English learning material, tips, quizzes, video, grammar and vocabulary exercises etc. This website covers various topic like Beginning English, Intermediate English, Advance English and speaking, grammar and new lesson plan for TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge etc.

English Central

EnglishCentral - Learn English - Mga App sa Google Play

This website will teach you with their video player, where you can watch videos, learn vocab in-context of the video and then speak using video as a model. They have both free and paid account option. This website covers topic like Academic English, Business English, Career English, Media English, and Social English etc.

Learn English

Surviving the 21st Century by Learning English - LEMBAGA PENGEMBANGAN BAHASA | Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang

Learn English is a very useful online English teaching website where you can different kinds of English learning stuffs. The best part is that, they offer free chat room where you can use live chat features to improve your talking skill. Also they provide English grammar, vocabulary, magazine, English tests etc.

Other few Website to Learn English online

Also there are some other websites are available, such as….


That’s all. These are some best website to learn English online. Now choose the website that suite for you and learn English online for free. If you think we missed any best site that offers online English coaching then mentioned that site in your comment we will update our list.

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