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Tricks to increase your Internet Speed | Boost Internet Speed |

We have already discussed some tricks to increases Firefox browsing speed but in this article we will looking for some extra and unique tricks and tweaks to increases internet speed. Everyone wants to enjoy high speed internet but they cannot get it because of some limitation or high price.
For the reason of slow internet speed they cannot browse smoothly and never able to watching movies or videos online. So today in this article we are going to share some tweaks and tricks which helps you to get maximum internet speed on your system. There are many methods to boost internet speed but here we discussing only some working and top method to increases internet speed. So follow the below methods step by step.
Increase internet speed

Tricks to Increase Your Internet Speed

Reset Reserved Bandwidth on Windows

This is the very popular method to increases internet speed for Windows OS user. By Default Windows reserves 20% of bandwidth for its own purpose or use. Therefore you must be reset the reserve bandwidth to get maximum internet speed on your system. You can easily do it by using Group Policy Editor. Now follow these steps to do this.

  • Open Run by pressing Windows key + R.
  • Now type gpedit.msc and hit enter. This will give you to access Group Policy Editor.
  • Then navigate Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network -> QOS Packet Scheduler.
  • Now Under QOS Packet Scheduler You Will See Limit Reservable Bandwidth and perform a double click on it.
  • A new window will appear and click on Enabled and then set the Bandwidth Limit to 0% and click on apply.
  • That’s all. Now connect to internet and get extra 20% speed.

Optimize TCP/IP Configuration with SG TCP Optimizer

How to Optimize TCP/IP Settings in Windows 10

The TCP Optimizer is a free, easy Windows program that provides an intuitive interface for tuning and optimizing your Internet connection

  • First of all download SG TCP Optimizer and run. This application doesn’t require any installation, you need to perform a double click on it to run this application.
  • After run this app just click on Optimal and then click on apply changes.
  • Now a new window appear and there Check Mark the Backup Option and Click OK.
  • That’s all. Now restart your PC and connect to internet.
NOTE: If you notice that these settings had a negative impact then restore back your default settings by using the 
Backup you have created in the SG TCP Optimizer. 
To restore it just Run TCP Optimizer then click File and select Restore Backed up Settings 
and select the Saved Backup File and your system will be stored back to its original configuration.

Clear Browsing Data with Ccleaner

Ccleaner is a free system utility software. If you noticed slow browsing then just run this app and clear all browsing data i.e Resent History, Cookies, Saved Passwords, Logs etc which might affects Your Internet Speed.

Download Files With IDM

How to use Internet Download Manager: Starting Downloads with IDM

Internet download Manager (IDM) is the best download manager of all time. It gives maximum speed on downloading any files. No matter what kind of protocol you are working on, you can use IDM.
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The above methods will surely optimize your internet speed but it does not exceed your bandwidth. This Method will just help you to get the best of your Bandwidth Speed. If you like this, if so then share with your friends


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