How To IDM Torrent

How To Download Torrent Files With IDM Easily and Fast!

As you know that torrent is one stop to download any kind of file either its movies, videos or Any software and torrent is the #1 choice of every internet and computer geeks to download anything.

In general we download torrent files with torrent clients like Bit Torrent or uTorrent, but the downloading speed of torrent clients is totally suck, although there is some tweaks to increase the speed of uTorrent but honestly that’s not scalable and will not satisfy you. To get rid of this problem we’ve done some research and got a permanent solution, the solution is IDM (Internet Download Manager).


Have you ever thought to download torrent with IDM? If not then don’t worry we will let you know the process to download torrent files with idm directly. IDM is a powerful download manager and it is the only way to download anything with high speed and now you can download torrent files with IDM and today we are going to discuss how to download torrent file using IDM.

Why downloading Torrent Using IDM

Before going through the process let us to know you some benefits of downloading torrent file using idm.

  • Easy way to download torrent
  • Increase the downloading speed of torrent
  • No network restriction (ISP).
  • Downloads are anonymous.
  • Nothing needs to install or configure like torrent clients.
  • Useful for torrent with low seeds.

Download Torrent Files with IDM

How to download torrents with IDM -

There are some websites available which lets you to download torrent files easily with idm, all you have to do to upload your torrent file on that site and then start download with IDM like any other files. So First download a torrent from any most popular torrent sites and follow the steps as given below.

Download Torrent Using Zbigz

Here is a site called Zbigz which helps user to download torrent file using IDM. It comes with both free and premium account. If you want to use free account then you can download maximum 1 GB file and maximum download speed will be 150 kbps but if you buy a premium account then you can download unlimited torrent with unlimited speed. So now follow the below steps to download torrent with IDM.

  • First of all download a good Torrent file (which one you want to download with IDM) from any good torrent site.
  • Now Visit and click on Sign up.
  • Here enter your email address and any password and then click on Register (registration process is too easy).
  • After registration click on Upload Torrent and Upload the Torrent file that you have already download from Torrent Website.
  • After that click on GO. Now two options will appear free and premium. If you want to use free account then click on Free and wait few minutes for catching torrent completely.
  • After that click on download icon from right side to start downloading. If you have multiple files on your torrent file then click on Zip to download all file at a time.

Zbigz premium account free

Download Torrent Using Boxopus

Boxopus is another site to download torrent with idm. Just upload torrent or paste magnet link and start download with IDM, also you can store your files in DropBox for future. It has both free and Pro account.

With free account you can only download maximum 512 MB torrent and torrent life is 1 day but with Pro account you can download maximum 12 GB torrent file and life of torrent is 3 days. Now follow the below steps to download torrent with IDM using Boxopus.

  • Visit Boxopus and sign in with your Facebook account or register with your Email account.
  • Now upload torrent file or Paste the Magnet link and click on Upload.
  • Wait until Boxopus server caches the file and after caching complete you can download your torrent file with IDM.

 Download Torrent Using FileStream

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Like above two sites FileStream also a site that lets user to download torrent file on IDM. Also it has both free and pro account but in case of free account it’s not allows member to download torrent larger than 1GB in size. Follow the below steps to download torrent files with IDM using FileStream.

  • Visit FileStream and register with your email and verified your account.
  • Upload torrent file or Paste the Magnet link of the torrent and wait for few second.
  • After parses your files you’ll see the list of the files and then click on download to download your files on IDM.


There are many sites like above three but these three sites are best among of them. These sites are more secure and trusty worthy than others. So whenever you want to download torrent, use these sites to download torrent files with IDM. If you face any problem while downloading torrent with idm then let us know in your comment we’ll get back to you with a solution. Hope you like this, if you like this then share it with your friends.

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