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How To See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile: Step By Step Guide

Facebook is the number one social networking site where peoples meet new people and make friends and these days everyone knows about Facebook. Facebook allows people to create their profile on Facebook and then meets new peoples.

Also, people can search their friend’s name and view their FB profile and get touch with them. Anyone can see anyone’s Facebook profile on Facebook easily by searching their name on Facebook search bar also sometimes Facebook suggest some profile whom you might know. It’s a great feature, but due to security reasons, you are not able to see or know who has visited or viewed your facebook profile.

who viewed my profile

There are numbers of apps claims that if you install those apps on your mobile, then you’ll be able to see who has visited your Facebook (FB) profile but trust me those apps are not legit nor will help you to know who visited your facebook profile.

Actually, there is no official way to see who have visited your Facebook profile but don’t worry here we’ll tell you some tricks and ways to see who visited your facebook profile.

So if you are curious about it and thinking “how to know who has visited my Facebook profile?” then you are at right place, here we are going to tell you How to see who views your facebook profile?

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? And Can You Really See Who Viewed Your Profile on Facebook?

Have you ever wondered who’s viewed your profile on facebook or does this question ever comes into your mind that who viewed my facebook profile? If you are a facebook user then this question must comes into your mind once for sure.

And then you did search on Google and tried some methods to know who’s viewed your fb profile and you might fail to know and if you fail to know then you must asking can I really see who viewed my facebook profile? And the answer is yes you can.

Though there are no formal or official ways to see who visited your profile on fb but you can know it by installing a chrome extension and by viewing page source on web browser which we are going to discuss in detail below. So let’s jump right into this.

How To Find Who Viewed Your Profile On Facebook?

Here we are going to discuss two methods to see who has seen your facebook profile. So lets start!

Method 1: Install Chrome Extension

If you are curious to know who has viewed your fb profile then you must have chrome browser installed on your pc because on first method we are going to do it by installing a chrome extension named “Social Profile view notification”.

So if you don’t have chrome browser on your pc or laptop then install it and follow the steps below:

  • First of all download and add “Social Profile view notification” extension on your chrome browser to do so just visit the link Social Profile view notification
  • Now click on Add to Chrome button from top right corner of that page.

add to chrome

  • A small pop up window will appear and asking you to weather you like to add the extension or not to confirm the action performed in earlier step. So just click on Add Extension.

add extension

  • Now it will start download and install automatically. Once installation process is done it will show you a notification “Social Profile view notification has been added to chrome” which means you are ready to see who visited your facebook profile.


  • So now visit www.facebook.com and login to your account by giving login credential.
  • Once you logged in on your facebook account you’ll see a new option called “Visitor” in between Home and Your Name.


  • So whenever you feel like “I want to know who viewed my facebook profile recently” just login to your facebook profile and then simple click on the visitor and you’ll see who just visited your fb profile.
Note: frankly speaking you can’t see all those peoples who viewed you profile on facebook. 
This tool might help you know some people who just viewed your profile on fb. If you are able to see “Visitor” oftion then 
just disable and then enable the chrome extension and try again.

Warning: There are many “Who viewed my facebook profile” extension available for chrome on chrome store and if you install them then may be your personal data will be in your risk. Your data might get stolen so beware about it and make sure you install the extension from the above given link.

Method 2: Using Browser Source Code

In this method we’ll use the source of the browser and we’ll use chrome for the same but if you want you can use others browser like Mozilla Firefox as well. So lets start

  • First of all visit www.facebook.com and login to your facebook account.
  • Now you need to be in your timeline instead of news feed so click on your name showing on the blue bar.
  • Now you are at on your facebook timeline and now perform a right on anywhere on your timeline on facebook and select “view page source”. Also you can press Ctrl + U to do same.

view page source

  • Now a new tab will open on your browser with lots of complicated codes. Now press Ctrl + F and a search bar will appear at top corner of the browser (chrome) or bottom of the browser (Firefox)
  • Now type InitialChatFriendList in that search bar
  • Here you’ll see lots of numbers after this “InitialChatFriendList” which are facebook profile IDs of those peoples who has visited your facebook profile recently.


  • To see profile behind those Id, just copy the id code and put it after www.facebook.com/. Suppose if the id number is 1234567 then put it www.facebook.com/1234567 and visit this, you’ll see the person behind the id.

Try this with all of those codes one by one and you’ll see who viewed your fb profile recently.

Note: We are not sure about this method and how accurate is it but I tried this method by myself and its working fine. So try it if you want.


As we discussed earlier that due to security and privacy reason there is no official way to know who has viewed your facebook profile but we’ve discussed two different methods to know who visited your profile on facebook.

May be one method is not work for everyone so please another method. Now here is only two methods but in coming days we’ll add more and accurate methods to see who viewed your facebook profile.


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