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How to Remove System Apps/Chinese Apps from Xiaomi Redmi 1S, MI3 or MI4

Xiaomi is the trending Chinese brand in the Android Smartphone market and there is no doubt about that Xiaomi Redmi 1s and Xiaomi MI3 are great android phones. Their hardware and software specification and Price make them top Smartphone among others in their class and peoples are happy with amazing and how to remove system apps from xioami redmi!

Everything is good in Redmi 1s and MI3 or MI4 but peoples are not happy with their system apps or Chinese apps. According to most of users, the system apps of Redmi 1s and MI3 or MI4 are unnecessary, they don’t need these apps. Top Best Xiaomi Redmi 1s Tips, Tricks and Tutorials


Most of users said there is no need to keep these apps on Redmi 1s and MI3 as they never use them, but these apps are take internal memory space and wasting internal memory space. So if those apps are useless then why we should keep them in our android phone, better to remove those system apps or Chinese apps from xiaomi MI3 or Redmi 1S.

If you are the owner of xiaomi MI3 or Redmi 1S and felling irritate with system apps then don’t worry because in this article we are going to tell you how to remove system apps or Chinese apps from xiaomi MI3 or Redmi 1S with the help of System App Remover (Root). Install Xiaomi Phone Manager in English on Windows PC

What is System App Remover (Root)

How to delete system apps from Android phone

System App Remover (Root) is an android app which helps to remove system apps, move apps to SD card, Move apps to phone, install apk apps on SD cards, scan apk on SD card and much more. But this app require root access of the phone, so if you have not rooted your Xiaomi phone then first Root Xiaomi Redmi 1S or any other model that you have.

How to Root Any Android Without PC

Steps to Remove Chinese Apps or System Apps from Redmi 1s, MI4 and MI3

Once you Rooted your device then follow the below steps to remove system apps from your Xiaomi device.

  • First of all download and install System App Remover (ROOT) on your Xiaomi smart phone.
  • Once installation complete, Run the apps and under the menu you’ll see several option like System app, User app, Move to sdcard, move to phone, Apk manager, Recycle bit etc and from this menu list ignore all the menu and select System App.
  • Under the system App section you’ll see all system apps which are pre-installed on your Xiaomi redmi 1s or MI3 device.
  • Now from the list, select all the application which you wish to remove from your device and after selecting the apps Click on Uninstall Button and within few second all the system apps will remove from your android device.
  • That’s all. Now enjoy more space on your Xiaomi device.


This was some simple steps to remove or uninstall system apps or Chinese apps from Xiuaomi Redmi 1s or MI3 or MI4 android Smartphone. This process is not only for Xiaomi devices, by this method you can remove system apps from any android Smartphone, but before using this app you need to root your android device but down worry you can unroot any android device after rooting very easily. So nothing to worry about.


  • After complete installation of Mi4i software for pc from net, my pc displays a message stating”The procedure entry point Get Logical processor information could not be locted in thedynamiclink library KERNELL 32.dll”. I’m using Win. XP-SP 03. Kindly help in details how to run it. I’ve Mi4i.

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