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How to Recover/Remove Memory Card Password?

The memory card is the data storage device and we used it to store data. Every multimedia mobile phone has support memory card to store your data such as Images, Videos, Songs and Application in your memory card. Sometimes we used password to protect these data from unauthorized access.

You can set a password to the flash drive from your mobile phone or from a PC (Using Software). When you put your flash drive into another mobile phone then it will ask for password and also if you insert that password protected flash drive into your PC, then it will not be shown until you remove the password from it.

Recover-memory-card-passwordBut unfortunately, sometimes many people forget the password. After forgetting the password peoples are not just losing their data, but they also lose their flash drive because they don’t have any other option to access it or reset the password.

If you are one of them who face this problem then don’t worry, we’ve a solution for you to recover memory card password and in this article we are going to tell you how to remove/recover memory card password.  How to Remove write protection from a USB

How To Recover or Remove Memory Card Password?

Here we’ve discussed 4 different methods to Recover Memory Card Password. So lets follow the given steps:

Recover Memory card password Using Nokia Mobile

Method 1:

In this process, you need have a Nokia Symbian Mobile (S60 recommended), if you don’t have this mobile then ask your friend for some times and follow the steps..

  • Download Xplorer and install it on your Nokia S60 Mobile.
  • Insert your password protected memory card into your mobile (Don’t Open it).
  • After that Run Xplorer and press Zero (0) and you will see the option Show System Files.
  • Now go to C:/Sys/Data from FileExplorer and open the file named as Mmcstore.
  • Once you open, you will see your password like below example. On the 3rd column you will see the code like this TM5DE9EC (c??”?x???P?A?S?S?W?O?R?D)
  • Character between the Question mark sign (?) is your password.
  • Now noted down the Character which is between the Question mark sign and use these Characters as password to open memory card.

Method 2:

  • If the above method does not work, then try this method.
  • Download FExplorer and install it on your mobile.
  • Insert your password protected memory card, but don’t open it on your phone.
  • Now Run FExplorer and open the path C:system.
  • Here find the file named as mmcstore and rename it as mmcstore.txt
  • Now connect the mobile with your PC and copy that mmcstore.txt file and open it in Notepad.
  • Now you’ll see your password located there.

Method 3:

  • Manage a Nokia N series or E series mobile (Recomended) .
  • Insert your password protected memory card on it
  • Now format your memory card, it will not ask you password and after formatting your password will be removed.
  • In this process, you’ll lose all your data stored in your memory card, but don’t worry, you can recover you’re your data with  the best data recovery software.

Recover Memory card password Using Android Mobile

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If above three methods is not working, then try this method. In this process, you need to have an Android mobile.

  • Insert your password protected memory on your Android Mobile.
  • Connect your mobile to your PC.
  • If you are using Windows OS then Right click on Device Disk and select format.
  • Once format complete, you’ll see  the password is removed from your memory card.

That’s’s all.


These were the all possible ways to remove memory card password. All the steps are totally different from each others so if one method doesn’t work for you then try all the above mentioned method one by one to recover memory card password. Hope this article will help you. If faced any issue during this operation feel free to ask us in your comment and we’ll try to help you ASAP.


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