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Best Funny Wi-Fi Names To Surprise Your Neighbors

Wi-Fi is the way to connect to the internet and surf the web even we can do the same with data connection on our mobile or pc but the best part of the Wi-Fi is we can share our data with our friends, family members or even neighbors.

From one Wi-Fi device we can connect many devices and use them at a time. Each and every Wi-Fi device has some own id or Wi-Fi name it can be default device name or customize name like owner name or some other funny Wi-Fi names.

Sometimes we noticed some cool cleaver hilarious and funny Wi-Fi names and these are done by some amazing people.

funny wifi names

 Some creative peoples make their Wi-Fi name funny or hilarious to shock the neighbor or friends who try to get access that Wi-Fi.

Have you noticed any funny Wi-Fi names or hilarious cleaver Wi-Fi names?  If you noticed then you was amused right.

Do you want to change your Wi-Fi name to a funny Wi-Fi name and looking for some funny Wi-Fi names idea for your WiFi Hotspot then don’t worry we are here to help you.

We’ve collected some cool cleaver hilarious funny Wi-Fi names from the internet and sharing with you. Now choose any Wi-Fi name from the list and use it as your Wi-Fi name.

Cool Cleaver Hilarious Funny Wi-Fi Names

404 Network Unavailable

One Does not simple connect to Wi-Fi

Virus Infected WiFi

Go Home Tourists

Grow up Kid

Don’t Try To Connect

No Free Internet Here

This is not free either

No net 4U

You kids get off my LAN

Error 404 Wifi not found

Hack if you can

Mom click here for the internet

NSA Surveillance Van 007

I’m cheating on my wifi

Don’t touch me

Protected cex

Click here to inject virus

Get lost no free wifi

Wifi connection failed

Click here to disconnect

Hacking your pc

Device not recognize

No device found

I’ve seen you naked

Searching for device

You pay now

Ask your dad to pay bill

You can’t see me

Virus distribution center

It burns when ip

Lan of milk and honey

Free cex

Keep it on the download


Unprotected cex

Hey don’t use my internet

Hang on

First time cex

Who the hell are you

Sorry for loud cex

Connection is about to lost


Unsecured connection

Slow wifi

Virus detected don’t use


Malware found

Hidden network

Virus network

Stealing information

Hacking on progress

Your device may cause harm

Use it on your own risk

Connect for identity theft

Pay me now

Get your own internet

My speed is better than you

You are all noobs

Hide yo kids hide yo wifi

Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi

(.) (.) Boobies

Tell my wifi love her

Bill Wi the science Fi

Drop it like its Hotspot

My own damn internet

Social account hacker

2 girls 1 Router

My neighbors Suck

Bad error 313 disconnected

Your device will blast

Will you marry me?

Bring 2 beers and get the password


Click here to spread Virus

All your Bandwidth belongs to us

Why don’t you get W-Fi

Bitch please

Wireless Gangbang

Infecting virus

Talk less work more

Come and clean my house

Don’t snoop

I’m staring at you

Pay $5 per hour

Don’t use my WiFi

Le le Bhikhari


These were some best funny Wi-Fi names. If you want to surprise your neighbors and friends then use one of these cool funny Wi-Fi names as your Wi-Fi device name.

If you have your own funny Wi-Fi names or you see any other Wi-Fi name then share with us and we’ll update the list with your own funny Wi-Fi names.

Also let us know which wifi name amaze you most in your comment.

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