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How To Extend or Reset Trial Period of Any Software?

On Internet lots of software and games are available in trial mode, means they offers 15 day or 30 day evolution period for user testing.

Reset or Extend trial period

After the trial period is expired you need to enter a serial number to continue using the software and that is hard to find a serial numbers for free and in this situation you need to buy a serial key to continue using the software.

But most of the times we cannot afford to buy the license key because of high price and you are not able to use your favorite software or games.

But don’t get upset there is some way to extend or reset trial period of any software and today in this article we are going to describe how to extend or reset trial period of any software.

With this tricks you can use your favorite software or games forever without expired. Now follow the below methods.

Steps to Reset or Extend trial Period of any Software

Delete Registry to Extend Trial Period

In this method you need to find and delete your trial software registry. After trial period is expired, uninstall the software and follow the steps.

  • After uninstalling software, Open RUN (Windows key + R) and type regedit and hit Enter.
  • Now Registry Editor Window will appear and here navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Your Software name from left pane of this window. If you find any Key name with your software name then just Delete that Key.
  • Similarly navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Your Software name and if you find any key with your software name then just Delete it and close the Registry Editor window.
  • Again go to RUN and type %temp% and hit Enter.
  • Now Delete all the things in that folder. Don’t worry these are the temporary files and not necessary for your operating system.
  • Now go to C:Usersyour username hereAppData. Under AppData open all three folders “Local”, “LocalLow” and “Roaming” and check. Under these three folders if you find any folder or anything with your Software’s name, just delete it.
  • Now Restart your PC and install the expired software and you can use it again for trial period. If you install the expired software without following the above steps then you don’t get trial period back.

Note: Its always recommended to take backup windows registry before doing anything on windows registry, because if anything goes wrong then you can restore those registry

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Reset Trial Period Using Time Stopper Software

Time Stopper is a popular software which has been created exactly for the Stopping the time of trial software. If the trial period has already ended then the Time Stopper is not able to reverse the trial mode of the software.

Time Stopper only can stop the trial time when it is used. Using Time Stopper is quite easy just follow the steps.

  • First of all Download Time Stopper and install it on your computer.
  • Now run Time Stopper and click on browse and find exe file your software from program file.
  • In the Choose the new date option set the date as your wish. You can choose tomorrow as the date.
  • Now enter your software name and then click on Create desktop short-cut and use this shortcut to open the trial version software.

Note: After patching the trial software by using Time Stopper then you must always use the desktop shortcut which created by Time Stopper to open that software otherwise the trial will end instantly.

So delete the old shortcut from desktop or from start menu which is created earlier during installation of the trial software.

Extend Trial Period Using RunAsDate software

RunAsDate is very similar small utility to Time Stopper which allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify. It’s a portable program so you don’t need to install it.

This utility doesn’t change the current system date and time of your computer, it only injects the date/time that you specify into the desired application.

Another advantage of this program is that, you can run multiple applications simultaneously, each application works with different date and time, while the real date/time of your system continues to run normally. Now follow the steps to use RunAsDate.

  • First of all Download RunAsDate and extract it in a new folder.
  • Now click on browse to browse the desired application path.
  • Now Specify date and time and hit the Run button to execute the app on the specified date and time. You can also create a desktop shortcut to open the trial software.
  • After running the software using RunAsDate, don’t run it directly. If runs it directly without RunAsDate then trial period is ended instantly.
  • To avoid any chances of running the software program directly, you can delete its shortcut from the desktop and create a new shortcut using RunAsDate and place it on the desktop.


The above methods will not be able to get you complete version of the software. If you use trial version of the software with limitation, then this methods will help you to extend or reset the trial period of the software we are suggesting these ways only for people who want to evaluate the software for more than its default trial period and then buy the software.

It is always recommended to buy the software if you like it because it will help the developers keep the software up to date!

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  • Couldn't get this method to work with software called: Hide All IP. Which gives a 3 day trial period. Does anyone have information how to reset this soft. I'm assuming the file is hidden under another name on my pc?

    • Same here i am also looking for a way to reset the trail on this software, nothing seems to work besides wiping the computer, which means that it IS somewhere, but the question is, where…

  • thank you for the explanation, can you tell me if i can use the manual method to erase the registry of any antivirus software, like gdata or karspesky

  • hi, i am using a software related to my shop inventory it has only thirty(30) transactions during trail period. i have its license key but they don’t provide the info where to place it and run the app.
    could you please help me in that way?

    i shall be thankful to you
    mail me if you could plz

  • dear sir
    i am using akvis plugin for photoshop no crack this time so i am using the trail reset last 6 month . i need some information for the akvis company then i start chit chat via email to gathering information when i got the email the day my trail version reset is not supporting on my akvis plugin plz plz help me i am so worried about it i try to uninstall lot of time with registry every thing i do it but still same problem fresh copy install asking expired i am waiting your good and quick response

  • My AVIRA antivirus is detecting this as a virus and keeps blocking it. It defines it as (iBryte.Gen7) virus.

    Also, why in their homepage: if u want to download, u have to specify your browser and so the download differs in respect to your browser. That is suspicious!! What is their business with my browser, if they are not malware who tries to send my private info or maybe even a trojan???

  • So I backed up my registry before I installed the software I want to use. After the trial expired I then restored registry to previous state(before software was installed). However, it still says your trial version expired and you will need serial to continue.

    Well, I like the software A LOT but I am not going to buy it because it cost $2,000 USD per year! SO, how can I narrow it down to which other folders need to be deleted in order to reinstate trial?

    • Hi follow the below steps to extend trial period of android app

      Once the trial period get expired then go to Setting and then go to app manager
      There you’ll see all apps installed on your android device then select expired one
      Now select Clear Cache and Data and then OK.
      Now check trial will be extended

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your site,
    Basically my trial has expired but, I couldn’t find my program name in registry to delete it, I need this program(adobe muse) a lot but, I can’t delete the registry.
    could you please advise me?
    Thank you,

  • Hi, I am a college student, and I am using a website. Will Time Stopper also work on sites, or will they only work on software.
    Thank You

  • Unfortunately some programs are not so stupid that the trial period could be easily extended by deleting few entries in the registry. Just run some registry monitoring software (like ZSoft uninstaller or simmilar) and you’ll discover thatr entries are scattered all over the registry, in places that have nothing in common with the software name that some wishes to extend.

  • Surely they don’t always use their real name when installing a registry entry to end a time trial. I looked at every registry entry manually and found not a single reference to the name of the software with expired time.

  • I’m pretty sure that when software with time trial puts an end game in your registry they use an obscure name or number specifically so you can find it in reg-edit. I’ve scoured the registry and there is no trace of the software name that has expired. Uninstalling, running a registry cleaner and defragger doesn’t help. Running a newly downloaded program still says time trial expired.

  • Hi , what about a software that counts how many time you open it , ex if you have 40 uses and you open the software 4 times a day tomorow you have only 36 times.

  • Hi. I tried to use time stopper on a trial version of akvis sketch that i downloaded but when i open the software(which was created by timestopper), the evaluation period is still counting down. Any help? I’d really appreciate it. :))

  • Hello! I have a more complex problem. I explain: I use RunAsDate and it works perfectly but, when I try to add a new work on the list appears an alert “Impossible to set this part: license expired 06/30/2015”. The date is always backdated as I set RunAsDate, the program starts but I cannot insert any text line becaused license expired. I think I must find another instruction, isn’t it? But how can I crack this second snag?

  • RunAsDate called a glow application, as it is not a grave application & consider just little kbs. This implement sprints on the date & time stated by us & would not create some modify to the system time.

  • The are forever solution use deep freeze software.
    after install your software don’t open it.
    And than go to deep freeze and activitie.

  • Hi, i’m using a software that is a autocad plugin and .msi extension file. i need to extend my trial , but i couldn’t find anyway to extend that.
    Please anyone help in extending trial for my software. its a solar related software

  • Sir I have this android tablet with Reviewer exam home edition application which included in package when I enrolled in a review center but this apps will expire in 72 days. there anyway can stop the timer or at least extend the expiration date? Thanks you.

  • What about a software that only allows 10 recordings as the trial? How can this be reset?
    This type of software gives a trial limit and not trial date and time.
    Wondershare Tunesgo 8.2.0 Music recording software for Spotify and others.

  • Hi, I want to extend the validity of Adobe Lightroom CC software. The trial period has expired. Has anybody any experience of using the ‘delete registry files’ method on Lightroom?

    • Extend trial of adobe family is super simple, you just need to find amt folder inside adobe folder at C drive > edit application.xml using notepad or notepad+ (freeware) > find and edit the “trial serial number”.

      However it’s better when first install the trial using USA ip address (use free proxy, vpn, or whatever), and create adobe account location in the USA, so you will get 30 days of trial, another country only get 7 days trial.

  • Instead to remove the registry manually, I’m using Revo uninstaller pro version, this software is awesome, it can clean install both registry and any folder left after uninstall will be removed too.
    A lot of giveaway offer this software as free.

    RunasDate is the best, but both RunasDate and Time stopper only work for old software. New software usually automatically connect trial code and our computer information to their server, so it doesn’t work.

  • i have a trial for minecraft education edition, you can only login 10 times after that you will have to pay $5 a year, how would i reset the app after the trial ends (without my worlds gone)

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