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Best Ways To Earn Free Google Play Store Credits

Android is one of the best mobile operating system in the world, we all know that. According to recent reports more than 78% of smartphone owners have android. Also Android phones are cheaper than iOS, blackberry and windows.

Android is also highly customizable mobile OS and millions of apps are available for this mobile operating system. Though most of the android apps are free, but there are some apps which you have to purchase in order to download it.

If you are thinking that why to purchase an app when there are alternatives available, then let me tell you that paid app will provide you free support and more advanced features than that of free. If you are worrying about the money, then I will tell you something amazing in this post, you can now get free Google Credits to purchase apps and games from Google Play Store.

earn free google play credits

There are few methods available over the internet, by which you can earn Google play store credits for free. You can easily get free Google Play credit by answering survey questions or completing simple tasks. So do read the post below to find out how to get free Google Play Store credits.

How To Get/Earn Free Google Play Store Credits

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards - Apps on Google Play

Google Opinion Rewards is an official app from Google Consumer Surveys which allows you to earn Google Play Store credits just by answering some simply surveys. This app works on Android devices running on android version 2.3 and above.

All you have to do is to install the Google Opinion Rewards on your android device, create an account on it with some of your basic details and start answering surveys. Money you will get per survey depends on the type of survey, but you can get up to 1$ per survey. This application is not supported in Asian countries and African countries

Feature Points

FeaturePoints: Get Rewarded - Apps on Google Play

When we talk about free Google Play Store credits, FeaturePoints app is one of the most popular app to get them for free. This app was developed by TapGen Corp and you can download it for free from Google Play Store itself.

After installing this app on your android device, you will need to download some more apps using this app and it will reward you with free Google Play Store Credits, and gift cards forĀ, iTunes and PayPal. Moreover you can also win a Nexus 7 or iPad mini by using this app.

Free My Apps

FreeMyApps APK Download for Android Free

FreeMyApps is another great app by which you can earn free Google Play Store credits and gift cards for, Google Play, Xbox and more. When you have downloaded this app, open it and it will ask you to sign in with a verified Facebook account so that all necessary information can be synced automatically from Facebook account.

This app provides you free credits when you will download and try apps from it. You can also exchange your credits for free gift cards that can be redeemed in Skype, Spotify, Starbucks, and Xbox and of course on Google Play Store.

App Nana – Free Gift Cards

AppNana: Gift Cards Rewards - Apps on Google Play

AppNana is popular android app to get free gift cards and free Google Play credits. You can get earn games and gift cards just by trying new apps using this app. This app is also available for iOS devices, so they can take advantage of it too.

When you will earn free credits on this app, you will get a mail regarding it and that credits can be claimed in Google Play Store and other stores as well. The most amazing thing about this app is that it gives you 400 daily points just by coming back every day.


So you have reached the end of the post in which I have told you about how to get free Google Play Store credits. Apps mentioned above are best ways to earn Play Store credits and you can buy almost anything from those credits. These were top most apps offering Google play store credits.

Currently I am using all of the above apps to get Google Store credits for free, and believe me they all are amazing. Though there are many more apps available out there which claims to be the best when it comes to earning Google Play Store credits, but I will recommend you to try any of the apps mentioned above first, and then look for alternatives.

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