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Download And Play ‘Pokemon Go’ On Android and iPhone

It was 90’s when kids sat there in front on TV and watched Pokemon for hours. Well, it was probably the biggest addiction of kids at that time. If you are missing Pokemon too, then you might be interested in knowing about how to download Pokemon Go on Android/iPhone.

Yes, there is a game named “Pokemon Go” which was recently launched. Nintendo-owned franchise have made this game available to the users. Unfortunately, Pokemon Go is available only in some countries, so if you want to try out this game, then you could wait for them to launch Pokemon Go in your country, or you can read this post and know about how to download Pokemon Go for iPhone and you can download Pokemon Go for Android easily.

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There are many people out there who are not from US, New Zealand and Australia where Pokemon Go is already launched, and searching for links to download Pokemon Go for Android/iPhone.

So we thought to read about Pokemon Go game and made it available for you all. Here in this post, we are going to share Pokemon Go download for Android link and Pokemon Go download for iOS link. So, let’s get started.

What Is Pokemon Go and How To Play Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is basically a virtual reality game that turns your mobile phone into a Pokedex. This Pokedex is used to collect and store Pokemons from battlefield. This game works on GPS, you will need to turn on GPS to play this game.

Once your GPS is turned on, you will see a map appearing on your screen showing nearby available Pokemons. You have to follow the route to the Pokemon near you, to catch it. It depends on the time and location that which Pokemon you get.

Recent reports showed that this game is making people crazy, and currently it is available only in US, Australia and New Zealand. If you are from these countries, visit iTunes store to download Pokemon Go for iPhone, and if you are on Android, then you can download Pokemon Go for Android from Google Play Store.

How To Download Pokemon Go For iPhone/iPad/iPod

Pokemon Go for iPhone, Pokemon Go for iPad or Pokemon Go for iPod, it doesn’t matter what you are searching for, if you are using an iOS device, then you can download Pokemon Go for iOS version.

Pokemon Go for iOS devices is already available on the iTunes store, but if it is not available in your country, then you will need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Before downloading anything related to Pokemon Go for iOS, just head over to the Settings of your iPhone and tap on ‘Apple ID’, then just click on Sign Out.
  • Now go back to General settings and then open Language & Region. Now you have to select your region as US, New Zealand or Australia. Do note that this step is important because Pokemon Go is available only in these 3 countries.


  • Now open iTunes store and search for “Pokemon Go” for iOS and it should appear on 1st result.
  • If you are not able to see Pokemon Go, then click on Create New Apple ID. On the Billing tab, select ‘None’ and add a US, New Zealand or Australian address.
  • Now you can visit the Pokemon Go download page and install this game on your device.
  • Once Pokemon Go is launched in your country, just sign in with your previous account again, and download Pokemon Go for iOS device from iTunes store.
  • All of the game data is stored on cloud, so you don’t have to worry about the game progress while installing in second time.

How To Download and Play Pokemon Go For Android {APK}

If you are searching for something related to Pokemon Go APK, Pokemon Go APK download for Android, Pokemon Go download for iOS and Pokemon Go download for PC, then below you can find answers of them.

In India Pokemon Go game for Android is not yet launched and users can install it only after Pokemon Go APK Download. If you too want to download Pokemon GO for Android, then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Before downloading Pokemon Go for Android, you will need to change settings of your phone, so that you can install Pokemon Go apk easily.
  • Open Settings of your Android device and scroll down till you see Security settings. Click on it.
  • In Security settings, scroll down to Install Apps From Unknown Sources, just turn it ON if it is Off.
  • Once done, just head over to the Pokemon Go APK download page.
  • When you have successfully downloaded Pokemon Go apk for Android, just click on the Pokemon Go apk file and it will ask you to Install.
  • Once installed, just open the Pokemon Go app and start capturing new Pokemons.

Download Pokemon Go APK


Pokemon Go for Android and Pokemon Go for iPhone is not yet launched in India, still people have found some ways to download Pokemon Go Android and iPhone. You can download Pokemon Go apk for Android and Pokemon Go for iOS devices.

Pokemon Go is definitely an awesome game to be played on smartphones, and if you are a Pokemon fan, then you might not find something useful than this. From above, you can download Pokemon Go for Android and Pokemon Go for iPhone whereas, there are many more ways available out there to download Pokemon Go for android and iOS devices. If you know about any other method, then do let us know about it via comments below.


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