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Best Free Online Alarm Clock Websites To Set Alarm Clock

Alarms are basic part of human’s life, while some hate it too. Before some time, people used to own a table clock, which comes with in-built alarm, so they were much popular, but in this modern world, people want everything to be advanced.

Similarly, there are many online alarm clocks websites available right now, over the internet. These online alarm clock websites can be used for many purposes.

Online alarm clock

Like if you are a tech geek, and work on computer so much, then you can use these best online alarm clock websites as reminder for work. With the development of technology, online alarm clock websites are also getting advanced, like there are some online alarm clock that works in sleep mode too.

So we have decided to post about some of the best alarm clock sites that can be used by people for different purposes. If you are searching for some online alarm clock with music or online alarm clock for heavy sleepers, then you may find this post useful.

This is a short, but useful list of some top best online alarm clock websites that works well, and offers a great number of features. There are some loud online alarm clock sites are also included in this online alarm clock websites list.

Top 10 Best Alarm Clock Websites To Set Alarm Online

We have tried our best to find out best online alarm clock websites. While some of these Online Alarm Clock Websites offers advanced features, while some are simple online alarm clock and some are alarm clock website with snooze feature.

It completely depends on your need, what kind of online alarm clock site you need.

Online Video Clock

Online Video Clock

As the name suggests, it is a video alarm website which wakes you up by displaying your favourite video film. You can set alarm in this website within seconds. Just tap on Set Alarm, then adjust the time.

Next, you will need to suggest a video or you can choose one from YouTube too. After setting up everything, you can check all of the fields, and then set the alarm.

If you are looking for an online alarm clock website with snooze feature, then you will love this website for sure.

Music Alarm Clock

Music Alarm Clock - Apps on Google Play

With this online music alarm clock website, you can set alarm with different sounds. You can choose a melodious sound from the drop down list or you can just select the radio station.

The best part about this online alarm clock site is that you can preview the alarm too. This website is available in 5 different languages.

MetaClock Alternatives and Similar Sites / Apps | AlternativeTo

MetaClock is a popular online alarm website which have pretty nice layout too. This website have a nice graphical interface and various options to choose the right alarm time and alarm tone.

On MetaClock, online alarm click website, you can upload your own alarm tune too. This website offer 3 kinds of alarm clocks – Online Alarm Clock, Lite Alarm Clock and YouTube Alarm Clock. Along with them, this website offers Online Stopwatch service too.

Kuku Klok

KuKu Klok - An Online Alarm Clock For an Easy Wake Up Call

Kuku Klok is an online alarm clock website with an attractive design. Its bright yellow colour helps you to wake up with a happy mood. When you will visit this site, you will notice that there is are two little boxes.

In the first one, you will need to enter the time on you want to wake up, and in the second window, you can choose among different sounds to be played.


Alarm app UI Design - Freebie | Figma Community

If you are searching for an online alarm clock with a simple layout and design, then is all need. The homepage of this website displays current time, and from the upper left corner you can choose between different options to customize your clock.

From bottom left corner, you can set alarm by clicking on Add Alarm text. You can add your own MP3 file to be played at the time of alarm time. It supports Mp3 Files that are hosted online, YouTube videos, and user or tag streams.


AlarmTube Free APK 4.1 for Android – Download AlarmTube Free APK Latest Version from

If YouTube is for videos, then AlarmTube is definitely for Alarms. This online alarm clock website have got a neat and clean design and user friendly interface.

To set alarm on this online alarm website you just have to enter the time, and then you have to select a YouTube Video. You can search YouTube for more videos too.

Avnoy Alarm Clock

9 Free Online Alarm Clocks To Help You Wake Up

This online alarm clock website works with Flash and if you are using an old internet browser, that doesn’t support flash, then you will need to upgrade your browser first.

The design of this online alarm clock website with snooze button is neat and clean and you can set alarm on it within seconds. You can choose between Beeper, Slow Melody and Fast Melody sounds.

Sleep.FM" that allows you to customize the sound that leads to sleeping, relaxing and relaxing concentration according to the individual's sensitivity - GIGAZINE

Sleep.FM is world’s only social alarm clock which is responsive in working. You can use this online alarm website on desktop/laptop browser, and on iPhone’s web browser too.

If you have an iPhone with iOS 6 & higher, then you are good to go with this online alarm clock site. All you have to do is to visit this website in your browser, and set alarm.


kloklooThis online alarm website is new and have just basic web design. You will need to install Java on your machine in order to use this website to set alarm clocks.

Though setting alarm on this website is not so hard, but if you are visiting this site for the first time, then you may face some issues. Don’t forget to test the sound before you set alarm for final time.

Online Alarm Clock

Online Alarm Clock

This online clock website is simple in design, but offers some advanced functions too. It displays current time on the home page, and then you can set alarm by choosing a tone and time from the drop down list.

You can change the background colour from the upper right hand corner. To increase/decrease the size of the clock, click on the text of upper left corner.


So friends, these were some of the best online alarm clock websites which can be used when you don’t have access to table clock or your mobile phone. In today’s world, people have alarm clock in their mobiles, so the use of table clock websites is reduced.

Online Alarm Clock Websites are always good to have. You can bookmark those websites and use them in urgency.Do you know that online alarm clock that works in sleep mode can be used when you don’t want your machine to work till alarm rings.

Meanwhile you can also use online alarm clock for heavy sleepers, if you too are a Heavy Sleeper.If you know about some more online alarm clock websites, then do let us know about them via comments.

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