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Google Gravity|Anti Gravity Google And Google Zero Gravity Tricks

Google, everyone knows about it and its popular services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Translator, Maps and many more. Google is something which every internet user uses at least once in a day to get answers of his query. Though there are many products of Google, which are still unknown to people out there, but here in this post we are going to talk about some of the best Google Gravity tricks, Anti gravity google and Google zero gravity hacks, which you can do to pass your time and have some fun.

If you are still unaware about the gravity trick of Google, then let us tell you that it is a Google search engine trick based on JavaScript. You can use these gravity Google tricks to surprise your friends and family. Do note that Google gravity trick has many names, some of them call it as Google gravity, few call it as Google no gravity, Google zero gravity, Google 0 gravity and lots of them. So below are some gravity Google and anti gravity google tricks.

Google Zero Gravity | Anti Gravity Google|Google Gravity Tricks

Zero Gravity Google or Google 0 Gravity

anti gravity google

This is probably one of the most popular and interesting Zero gravity Google trick which everyone should try at least once. In this trick, when you will visit the Google Search Page, you will notice that all of the contents are falling down and they will stay at the bottom of the page, you can drag and drop them anywhere you want, but in the end they will come back to the bottom automatically. This trick will keep on working in the search results too.

Google Gravity Underwater

google gravity under water

This is another funny Google gravity trick, which is funny and beautiful too. When you will visit the Google gravity underwater page, you will notice that the background of the page is consisting of the underwater sea with several species of fishes. Everything will float except the search results.

Google Sphere

Google Sphere is another gravity Google trick which is pretty much funny and interesting too. All of the contents of the page will circulate around in a sphere shape except the Google Logo. If you will hover you mouse on the spinning contents, then their speed will become slow so that you can click on a specific link. Do note that you can only search for images using this gravity trick, and when you will search for images and the results will display, they will rotate around too.

Google Space

As the name suggests it is a Google Gravity effect which will float the contents of the Google search page and its result page. This trick is also known as Google anti gravity. Google space trick is very similar of what we can experience in Zero Gravity Google. Though you can search for anything you want on it, but everything will float around.

Do A Barrel Roll

If you are looking for a way to trick someone, then you might be interested in Do A Barrel Roll trick of Google. In this trick the whole web page and the contents of the Google search page will take a speedy spin and return to the original state just after that. To perform this trick, all you have to do is to open the Google Search Page and type ‘Do a Barrel roll’ without quotes and hit enter.

Google Tilt

As the name suggests this trick will Tilt the whole screen and its contents. To do this trick all you have to do is to open the Google Search Page and type Tilt in it and click on search (or you can press enter). As the results will appear you will find the difference between the normal search engine and the tilted one.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

If you are the one who works on computer, and often gets bored in between, then you should definitely know about Zerg Rush and it working. This is basically a game in which you play against the Zerg Rush bot. Open the search page and type Zerg Rush in the search box and press enter. You will notice that the O’s of Google are eating your search results and you have to click on them several times to destroy them. A fun way to pass time.

Google Flat Fall

20 Best Google Gravity Tricks which will Amaze you

Google Flat Fall is very similar to Google no gravity as all of the contents of the search page and results page fall down to the bottom of the page, and stay there unless you drag and throw them. If you are bored with the regular interface of Google, and want to try out something new search page, then you can use this trick and do note that everything works fine on the search page and links works too.

Google Gravity Mirror

Google Mirror - I'm elgooG

If you are looking for something which you can use as prank on someone, then there could be nothing funny and interesting than Google Gravity Mirror. The search page and results page will be displayed with reversed text, including the images so that a person can’t understand or read the contents of it.

Weenie Google

Google Experiments | Entertainment Ghost

Weenie Google is a small tool where the contents of the search result page turn into very small size. You can search anything using it and the results page will display as the normal one, and the only search page shrinks. It is a third party tool which is not associated in any way with the Google trademark. The animation is quite simple as the trick.


Google is one of the most popular search engine in the world, which is used by billions of people every day. There are many things which you can do on Google, but if you searching for something by which you can amaze and surprise others then Google gravity tricks are the best to rely on. There are many Gravity Google tricks out there, which includes google anti gravity and google no gravity in which the home page of Google loses its gravity and it flies around. If you know any other google gravity trick, then do let us know about it via comments below.

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