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Most Funny Interesting And Weird Websites To Kill Boring Time

Internet is the best thing now a days. Almost every person use internet in daily life, check out these interesting and weird websites to kill boring time. Either to do work, or to pass time. What do you do when you are bored or you want to spend some time to refresh your mind? Most probably you sit and meditate. I know this is one of the best way to utilize time, but there are so many funny interesting and weird websites available over the internet which gives you freedom to laugh all day sitting in front of your computer screen.

Interesting Weird and Funny Websites

Here in this post I am going to show you some of the most interesting websites for college students which you can use when you are bored. You can also use these funny websites to trick your friends and pass your time. I have also included weird websites list which are known as best weird websites on the internet in today’s date.

Top Best Most Funny Interesting And Weird Websites To Kill Boring Time



Most of the internet user knows about which is most popular and one of most visited site on the internet. This site is popular for funny videos, Animations or cartoons, Funny and interesting pictures. Every day 9gag update their site with some funny Gifs, Funny videos and Some funny, interesting pictures and funny memes too. They have clean navigation which helps user to find most out of the site. All the content are separated in several categories like Funny, NSFW, GIF, WTF, Meme, Comic etc and its the best place to kill boring time. if you tried of your daily work or office work then you should spent some times on and it will help you to kill those boring moment.

Funny or Die

funny or die

Funny or Die is a comedy video website which was founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay in April 2007. Along with videos, you can also find funny articles, pictures and slideshows here. If you are a kind of person who only watch videos, then you can subscribe to Funny or Die YouTube channel which updates new video every 2nd day. You can also download its mobile application on your android and iOS devices and enjoy funny jokes, videos, and pictures wherever you want. Creating account on the website will give your some advanced features. The built quality and navigation of site is user friendly too.



Cracked is one of the most popular and most visited humor website in the world. Basically it was an American magazine whose production was shutted down in early 2007, since then it is being managed as website. According to recent reports, this website receives more than 300 million monthly page views. Now you can assume, how popular this website among people is. The best thing about this website is that each day a new video or article is posted on it, so that people can have a reason to laugh. You can find funny, humour and entertaining videos and articles on this site.

Dear Photograph

dear photograph

If you are feeling curious to see history repeating itself, then do visit this website once. On Dear Photograph you can find photos of people holding photographs that were taken several years ago at the same spot. If you want to remember your good old days, this website is for you. There are some photographs of World Trade Center in it which will force you to think about the happening.

Strato cam

strato cam

Do you like watching unknown places of earth? If yes, then you are going to love this site for sure. Stratocam is a website which shows images found on Google Maps which are taken by satellite. For better enjoyment run this website in full screen mode. To go full screen you can either press F11 or Ctrl+Shift+F.

Clever Bot

clever bot

If you are feeling lonely, and don’t have anyone to talk with. Then you can visit this website to get out of your loneliness. As the name suggests it is a Clever Bot which gives answers to your questions and replies back to each sentence you send him. This website uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to have conversation, so don’t expect correct or legit answers all the time from it. This site is made for fun, and should be used in a funny way.

Press The Space Bar

press the spacebar

Wanna play a game? Use Press The Space Bar to pass your time. All you have to do is to press space bar on your keyboard as many times as you can in 5 seconds, 10 seconds or in 20 seconds. Below I am sharing screenshot of my high scores in all of 3 levels.

What Happened In My Birth Year

what happened in my birth year

If you want to know what happened around the world in your birth year, then you can visit this website. You can’t get everything on the internet related to your birth year, specially the movies, and other similar things. All you have to do is to visit this website and enter your birth year.

Then click on little question mark icon (?) and sit back. Your screen will fade away and colour may turn to black. But don’t worry it the process of collecting data. Once done, this website will show you each thing happened in that year one by one. You can sit back and read them till the end. It is one of the best interesting website to know about historic events.

Rainy Mood

rainy Mood

If you are a rain love like me, then I am sure you are going to love this weird website for sure. Yes, you can’t make rain artificially, but you can listen to its sound on this website. When you will visit this website it will start playing sound of rain with clouds.

To make you feel even better, this website allows you to play a song in the background so that you can listen to song and rain together. Believe me it feels really amazing to listen sound on this website. If you want to enjoy more then I will recommend you to wear headphones before visiting this best weird website on the internet.

Pointer Pointer

pointer pointer

If you are looking for an interesting website to visit to pass your time, then you can visit this site. It works on the position of your mouse pointer. Basically it shows pictures of people pointing towards your mouse cursor. If you will move your mouse pointer (cursor) to a different location, then it will show you different picture in which a person will be pointing towards your pointer. If you are confused, then visit this website to check yourself how it works.


So, the list ends here, but websites not. There are many more similar funny, interesting and weird websites available out there, where you can visit and pass your time, laugh and get knowledge. I have also included some interesting websites for college students in this, so that they can visit those sites when they need break during studies.

Keeping mind fresh is the best thing one can do for his health. As we all know, laughing is the best medicine, so use these interesting funny websites for boredom and to show your friends what you have got. If you know about any other funny sites or interesting websites then do let me know about them via comments below.

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