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Top Websites To Learn Web Development For Free Online

Do you want to learn web development step by step? Are you searching for the best way to learn web development online? Here’s the websites to learn web development for free online Since the beginning of the web, it is tradition among the web developers and designers to share their knowledge and let people learn what they know. Just because of this reason, there are a number of resources available to anyone who wants to learn web development from scratch.


There are so many books available in the market which claims to teach you web development and there are some paid courses available online too, but why to pay someone when you can learn web development step by step for free.

Yes, here in this post I am going to show you some of the best websites to learn web development online for free. All of these websites allows you to watch tutorials and ask questions from experts who helps you to clear your doubts.

Best Websites To Learn Web Development Online For Free


W3Schools is probable one of the most popular and most used website to learn web development online for free. This website is developed by web developers and they post tutorials and references on web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and JQuery on it.

W3Schools SQL Tutorial

This site was created and launched by Refsnes Data in 1998. Refsnes Data is a Norwegian software development and consulting company. There are over thousands of tutorials on this site which teaches you simple as well as advanced things too.

There is an amazing feature on this site which makes it unique from others, that is an online editor which is also called TRY IT YOURSELF panel, in which you can edit examples and execute computer code experimentally, to see what works and what does not, before implementing it. Along with it, you can also use this editor to check your own code, and see its output.


Udacity is not basically a company, but it is a start-up by few students of Stanford University. This website focuses on providing affordable and highly effective higher education to the world. It can help you learn Web Development step by step.

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There are many more courses on this site, which can be learnt easily. Each course on Udacity consists of several units comprising video lectures with closed captioning and some quizzes, which helps students to understand the concepts easily.

Not only web development, but you can learn some other courses on it too. Like building a start-up, Game development, Parallel Programming, Data Analyst Nanodegree, Artificial Intelligence etc. There are tons of other courses available on this site. You can check them out here.

The New Boston

The New Boston:  Name of the site may not sound good and the design of the site may not look good too, but trust me guys this site have enough content and tutorials to get your job done. I am using this site from last couple of months and till date I have not found anything which goes against it.

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Along with web design tutorials, you can learn HTML5, Java, App Development, PHP and lot more here, and the most amazing thing, all for free. Tutorials are in video forms, so you can learn each and every line of code and if you have missed something, then you can just rewind it.

The tutor Bucky Roberts with humorous talk makes the mood lighter and makes web development learning easy online. There are almost 200 videos on PHP, jQuery and Android Development each, so don’t worry about the database and knowledge you will get on it.

Khan Academy

Being one of the most popular website to learn web development online, Khan Academy is also useful for school and college students because it offers courses on topics based on Maths, Science, Economics and Finance. You can join this website for free and start learning right after successful sign up.

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Currently there are more than 27,657,364 memebers (3 Aug 2015) on this site. It is a not‑for‑profit website so you don’t have to pay anything to learn here. No ads are displayed on the site or in the video tutorials, so according to me Khan Academy should be your first choice if you want to learn web development online for free.

Don’t get confused with the name, it’s not Code Academy. Codecademy is an educational company which works online and helps people to learn web development for free. It is just like a university which have 21 tutors, and each of them teaches a specific topic.

One unique thing about Codecademy is that anyone who is expert in something and want to teach it to the whole world can join this site. Here on this site you will be able to learn 8 different languages including C and C++. You can easily build websites, games and apps by learning few of its courses.

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So this is it friends, I hope you have enjoyed the post and going to visit all of these websites at least once. Do let me know your views on this post and also let me know which website you like the most. If you are using any other website to learn web development online for free, then comment below the URL of that website. I would like to include that too in this list.

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