Best Free Video Editing Software For Windows PC


Gone that time when people used to call a video recorder for their video recording. Now a days that can be done easily with camcorders and mobiles too. People often record videos of themselves to save them as memory, but as we all are not professionals in it nor the device we use are pretty much professionally built so there are chances that you want to edit the video after recording. Without a good and advanced video editing software you might damage the actual video, so we will recommend you to use a good video editing software for windows, so that all of your video editing work can be done easily. Don’t worry if you don’t know about video editing software for windows, as here in this post we are going to tell you about some of the best and professionally built video editing softwares for windows.

Free Video Editing Software For Windows List

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is one of the best video editing software currently available for windows devices. This tool is officially built by Microsoft, and offers you some really cool features which you can use to edit your videos. Moreover, you can also use this tool to create your own presentations, and you can also import photos and videos from your phone or other devices. It is a light weight video editing tool, so if you are running a low configuration pc, then you should definitely go with it.


If you are searching a free video editing software, which offers some advanced features, then you should definitely download Blender. It is an open source video editing tool which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux for free. This tool is made by many professionals, so you can expect it to perform and offer features well. There are many features of this software which can’t be found in other free video editing softwares. Blender offers stunning ultra-realistic rendering which makes video editing more fun. There are a hell lot of features in this software, which we can’t list here completely. So you if you want to read full features of this tool, then you can go to Blender’s Features page.

ZS4 Video Editor

ZS4 Video Editor is a light weight yet powerful video editing software for windows which is available for free. With this video editing tool for windows, you can combine photos, videos, and audio files into one or more files to create your own videos and presentations. Moreover ZS4 Video Editor can be used like an object oriented photo-manipulation program with a timeline. This tool have some incredibly powerful features for a free video editor.


Lightworks is free professionally built video editing software for windows, mac and Linux devices. You can download it from the official site including some documentations and other tools you may need to edit videos using this tool. If you are having problem while editing the video with it then you can head over to the tutorials page of Lightworks website which have a good number of tutorials videos showing how to do a particular thing in it. Moreover there is a Forum of Lightworks too in which you can participate to get more help and recommendations.


With this windows video editing software, you can edit Windows Media (.wmv), MPEG files and FLV videos easily. You can join or split video files using it and moreover it gives you option to select or delete multiple portions from a video file and it lets you copy, paste and fine tune the selections. You can download this video editing software for windows from SourceForge website, which itself it quite popular to offer free software downloads.


Video editing can be simple and hard at the same time. If you have some useful video editing softwares for windows, then you might find it easy to edit videos by your own, that’s why we have created this list of best free video editing tools for windows pc. Do note that there are many more video editing tools for windows available out there which are quite good too. Above mentioned video editing softwares are free, and paid ones offers some advanced features too. So if you want a video editing software for work, then we will recommend you to go with the paid ones, instead of free. If you know about any other good and free video editing software for windows, then do let us know about it via comments below.


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